Abnormal results

Hi everyone this is new for me and I am very worried. Had an abnormal smear result letter was sent to my house Friday, Saturday I had a letter with an appointment for a colposcopy which is on Thursday so this has all happened within a week! I have no idea what the abnormal result is as there was no information in the letter.any advice will be welcome I am so anxious. Thankyou in advance.

hi Katie,

sorry to hear your feeling anxious. I had exactly the same letter in February, it just said an abnormal result, I went into meltdown thinking all things, I had a letter a few days after my result for colposcopy. I went to colposcopy and had treatment, didn't even know what for. for 3 weeks I was terribly ill with anxiety, I've suffered with anxiety an panic attacks for years so this sent me over the edge. I was worried sick, couldn't sleep etc whilst waiting for my results from lletz treatment. well 3 weeks after my treatment I received a letter just saying they took my results to a meeting and they was happy to see me in 6 months time. still didn't state what abnormality I had, I phoned but obviously they won't tell u over the phone so I just waited for my 6 month check up to ask what did they remove.

well I had my 6 month check at colposcopy last week and she told me I had cgin, so just waiting on results again now after my smear.

I know exactly how your feeling right now, I've been there and it was horrible. but u just need to stay calm and don't worry because they're able to see better at colposcopy weather u need treatment or not. if there's anything at all you'd like to ask me then ask. reply back on here or private message me if u want hun. I know just how anxious your feeling right now and it helps to talk on here, it helped me so much 

sorry for the long post

kirsty xxx

also I realise now that I didn't need to be that anxious or worried, treatment was absolutely fine. it's hard not to worry has you can't help it, but try not to work yourself up 


Thankyou Kirsty, I too suffer from anxiety and  a huge fear of hospitals, doctors anything medical really! I just like being in control, when I read that other women had an idea of why their results were abnormal i wondered why my letter didn't sate it. Haven't got long to wait which  am glad of.  good to know that they are oN top of it. And Thankyou once again I feel like I am going out of my mind right now. Xxxx

Hi Katie,

I recently received abnormal results from a pap as well.  They couldn't tell me much about the abnormality until they did my colposcopy and took a biopsy, at which point I was told I had CIN3 (high-grade cell changes that are considered pre-cancerous).  This led them to book a LEEP procedure for me, during which point I was absolutely terrified. I had definitely convinced myself of the worst.  However, if you write down the worries and questions you have, the doctors are usually more than happy to answer them for you so that you feel you have the most accurate and in-depth information and don't have to worry as much.  The procedures are uncomfortable, but not painful.  And with cell-changes, the thing is they are trying to get rid of the nasty stuff so you never develop cervical cancer, so it's all SO worth it! Please keep us posted on what you find out and how things are going for you!



I'm in the same boat and my colposcopy is on Thursday. 

Sendinf lots of love xx

Hi ladies a n update went for my colpscopy they told me they suspected cin3 with glandular involvement had lletz and have to wait 6 weeks!!! For results to be honest I expected everything up untill now. Now I feel lost one minute I am really positive the next, I feel terrible I gave had black/grey discharge which has been.........ok, but now ot smells sorry tmi, and aching terrible. I wish I didn't have to wait so long, the consultant said she was hopeful she got everything. I know it sound silly but in my mind  think it wont be good newsm  myself mad!!! Family have been great but keep telling me it is over now and to forget but it's not over untill I get the results. So keeping optimistic for them. Xxx