Abnormal smear test

Completely new here unsure if posting in correct place or not, had first smear test at the age of 37 (various reasons as to why) really should have bit the bullet and went years ago, anyhow i had my test on the 30th jan the nurse commented that everything looked fine, i just got my results on feb 21st (3 week wait) only to be told that there are changes that require further investigation and a leaflet for a colposcopy, no other information in the results letter (live in scotland so no hpv tests as of yet) i have just received my letter this morning for the colposcopy appointment 5th march ( next week) i have gone from not worrying about my results from the nurses comments after my smear test to worrying about them once the results letter arrived also that the letter compared to other ladies results seem to be rather vague i know they have no history to go on as not had previous smears feeling a little anxious and mostly cross with myself for not attending my smears in the past i have lost family members to cancer and cannot help but stress over the situation and what the changes could mean and also feel that the appointments are quite quick any advice appreciated x

Dont be cross with yourself. So many dont attend smears so it's great that you now have. 

I had abnormal results on my first smear so, like you I had no idea how long these changes had been present. My letter was also very vague but within 4 days, I had another letter explaining more in depth what was found. 

Try not to panic and contact your GP if you are concerned. Good luck. ❤

Thank you nikii72

I am a natural worrier i spoke with my gp yesterday morning and she refused to say anymore just that i cannot run head first into things and to take bridges when they come i explained to her the nurses comment in the end was not helpful she said she knew of the nurses comment and to her eye everything looked nornal and coule only be picked up by microscope i now worry that every little ache and pain i am feeling is a symptom of cc having been to a&e twice in past few weeks for pelvic pain that came out of nowhere to having a bladder and kidney ultrasound which showed a simple cyst i am just praying now that i have not left it all too late, thanks again for your kind words x

I have managed to get a cancellation apointment for my colposcopy appoinment for this thursday instead of next week the hospital are understanding that my anxiety is high so i am greatful for that x

Hello again,

Glad you managed to get an earlier appointment. The fear is the worst part. It's a lot better to know what you're dealing with for sure.

I wish you all the best for Thursday. Let me know how you get on x

Thanks again nikii72 i will pop by thursday and drop a message its the fear of the unknown the known i can deal with x

Good luck today. Thinking of you ❤

Thank you so much nikii72 i am not long back from the colposcopy before they done it the nurse said that my cells were high grade they put the vinegar in then painted the cells silver and took 4 punch biopsies which she said they will rush through as they normally take 8 weeks but i am getting married then a honeymoon so they want any treatment completed before then to make sure i am healed she said that she suspects it will be the loop procedure just to wait on the results coming back and that she will phone me with them then give me an appointment they were lovely ladies and i am so glad that i have went for it cannot gamble with our health x

Very pleased for you. 

Good luck with results and the wedding !