Abnormal smear nothing else

Hi All,

I’m New I’m 44 years old with no children (never conceived),
Always had normal smear test results until now,

All the letter says is “your smear test shows abnormal result which needs further investigation at a colposcopy clinic, you will receive a letter with a date from the hospital in the next couple of weeks”

On the posts I have read on here, most woman have said there letter said HPV with abnormal etc,
But mine says nothing except abnormal,

Can I ask did you have to ring your Dr to get what the smear did show?

Or did it just say in the letter?,

I’m already going through a prolactinoma which is getting higher with each blood test and I’ve been awaiting a appointment by letter with an endocrinologist,

When I had my smear on the 2nd of September I asked them to check my breast as I was having pain and they found a lump,
I have had to keep nagging at them to get a mammogram which is booked in for 21st of this month (October),

It’s really painful, I have an appointment with my GP today at 3pm as I now have the same pain in my armpit, so she can check it out,

I’ve been waiting for reflux surgery as I was diagnosed with hiatus hernia 4cm and 6 months later it went from 4cm to 7cm,

the waiting list for a PH test was 2 years I just had the PH test done, and I’m awaiting that,

This smear letter couldn’t have come at a worst time, I feel like I’m constantly awaiting appointments and results,

It took 6 weeks for my smear test results to come, so I bet I’m in for a long wait for this colposcopy,

I was already stressed to the max with the rest of the health things going on,
Would my letter have said what they found when I had my smear?

And did everyone else,s letter come back just saying “abnormal results needing further investigation”?

Sorry for the long post,
Any help I’d gladly appreciate

Hi mine just said abnormal smear with nothing else. It needed up being CGIN. Not sure why they did not put that on the letter.

Hi ladies, my letter said they found high risk HPV and changes to cells in cervix, nothing about grade or level. Smear was in 22 sep, got letter on 22 October (50th birthday, lovely surprise), followed 2 days later with letter for colposcopy clinic on 2 Nov. Went on 2nd Nov fully expecting nothing interesting as I had a previous colposcopy 2/3 years early, had a few HPV found smears over last 5 years. Got an unpleasant surprise when dr asked if it would be ok to treat before she even looked. Had lletz treatment and have to wait for letter again


So sorry to hear you’ve been going through such a hard time. The breast lump and waiting for all the tests sounds really frightening. How are you and have you had any results yet? Sorry if I’ve missed it from another post. X

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