Results from LLETZ

Not overly happy with the wording in my letter  but they refuse to read out my proper histology report over the phone so I'm stuck with  "it appears these cells were removed"  (CIN3 confirmed). 

And I'm to go back in 6 months. 

What do they mean 'it appears' ?? Were they or weren't they removed ?  Also no mention of margins of anything. !?

So confused. 

Hi my letter was very vague too basically just said we confirm it was cin 3 no mention of margins etc. Back to colposcopy in 6 months for test of cure. I'm going to speak to my gp to see if they have any further information x

Thanks for your reply. I called my GP too and the receptionist to ring back Monday morning :(  also called the colposcopy clinic but the receptionist couldn't tell me anymore so is going to see if the lady who wrote my results letter can give me a call or write me a further letter with slightly more detail !

I'm happy it's not anything worse obviously but it's just so vague. Literally.. just.. Lab confirmed CIN3. It appears these cells were removed - and that is supposed to reassure me for the next 6 months?! 

I know they can't be 100% on everything but I think a bit more detail would have been helpful. 

Hope you get some answers also. 


Yes I totally understand we wait so long for the results yet they don't really shed much light. Me too am pleased it's nothing more sinister however my letter didn't even confirm the cells had been removed it just said confirms cin 3. Good luck with getting answers

Hi there, my letter in October didn't confirm they had got all my CIN3 either so I went into my docs (not just for results as I had an infection from LLETZ and needed antibiotics) and asked for the official report. The report stated they had not been able to remove it all. It upset me that the letter did not disclose that info and that I actually had to request it, even though it's in our bodies. I think the letters try attempt to calm and not stress us out as they can't operate too soon after LLetz again anyways. I've just had my test of cure smear  (6months after) and awaiting results. It's a nerve wracking wait. Good luck with everything. X

Hi Buddy. 


Thanks for your reply. What did your letter say to make you ask  for your report?

They won't discuss it with me which is so frustrating as I used to work in the exact lab it was sent to so I understand the process and the lingo etc. I may call GP tomorrow and see if they can tell me any more. 

Hope your test of cure results come back OK. Let us know?