Results following LLETZ

I had a LLETZ procedure at the end of November following 2 abnormal smears and a biopsy.

I had a letter yesterday (dated 16.12.2021) which states smear showed “borderline changes and my biopsy showed CIN3.”

It then goes onto say “the results of the LLETZ have shown HPV and cervicitis. As the results do not match the smear report, I plan to discuss your case and review your smear at our colposcopy pathology meeting… I will write to you with the outcome and future plan.”

I won’t lie, this has me shook. Has anyone else has this result? If so, what happened next?


Try not to worry. I have a friable cervix which is probably similar to cervicitis. The two tests probably just don’t tally. Hope you get some information soon Xx

Try not to worry about this. I believe that if results don’t match it is always discussed at MDT and this is just so that a team can double check that nothing has been missed. Although this can seem scary, it’s actually a really good thing. They are making sure that you get the best care.