Results are in

I got my biopsie results back yesterday after nearly 4 weeks of waiting and has confirmed cin 3 which was no shock… I also had a letter saying my lletz was booked for the 12th then a couple of hours later got a phone call asking me to go in on the 5th cause they had moved it forward… now I’m really worried iv had so many symptoms for years of cc and always got told I was too young for smear doesn’t help the fact I look things up and scare myself stupid!!! I’m so worried there’s going to be something more and I wanna be here for my boys…how long do results take to come back after lletz?

Hi,  in my experience the results from the lletz treatment normally take around 2/3 weeks. i know it's really hard but try not to worry and remember that cin3 is not cancer. I have found that this site is the best for accurate information so its best to avoid googling ! 


Hope things work out well for you :-) 

Thank you for your reply I'm really worried about things as bleed after sex random bleeds there's all sorts I could write but would be an essay... iv had to have it moved back from the 5th to the 12th as Mother Nature has come xxx