Results after Lletz times

Hi to all the lovely strong women on the forum.

I am waiting for results following a Lletz treatment at my first colposcopy appointment, it’ll be four weeks Tuesday coming (30th).

On average how long did it take for your results back? I thought that if they came super quick it’ll be good news so now my mind is in overdrive. I am in the Hampshire area.

Hi to anyone who maybe reading this thread. Still no results from the Lletz treatment.

Think I’ll chase the department up on Monday, the wait is making me so anxious

Hi @Kelly84

My results took just over 7 weeks to come back after my LLETZ treatment, it just confirmed what the gynea suspected high grade CIN… generally your supposed to hear within 4 weeks but there doesnt seem to be an exact rule when it comes to getting results… some have had there results within 2 weeks and had either a CC diagnosis or CIN yet some have had there results bordering on months and its been the same

Its recommended to call them if you havnt heard after 4 weeks so its definitely worth giving them a call to chase it up, i know my results were with the consultant 2 weeks afterwards but he didnt seem to be in a rush to give me them, which turned out to be because i needed no further treatment and he just hadnt written up the letter yet lol

Just so you are aware even if your results are there if the consultant hasnt written the letter up, the receptionist isnt qualifed to give you your results over the phone even when there is nothing wrong, try not to panic if they cant give you any info xx

Thank you for sharing.

That certainly makes me think in a more positive light and maybe like you say they are getting to the ones that need the urgency first!

I think I’ll give it another week, and maybe give a call