Residual cancer

Hi all
I was diagnosed with 1B3 last year, went through chemorad and brachytherapy. I had an mri prior to Brachy which showed a decrease in tumour size approx 2cm x 2cm. My rad oncologist was happy with this reduction and told me at the time goal post brachy was the tumour would disappear quickly.
I just had my 6 monthly MRI post treatment and the report notes “reduced size of cervical T2 hypointense lesion, thickening of the upper thord of left vaginal wall”. In another area it notes tumour size is 17mm x 9mm currently. Also noted an enlarged node left sacroiliac joint 19mm x 13mm.
Is it normal to still have that size of tumour this long after brachy? Anyone had a similiar experience.
MDT meet next week and i expect to hear from my oncologist thereafter. Of course im reading all the sites because i was expecting a different outcome. Im fairly pragmatic about the whole thing just curious to see other peoples experience. Best of luck to all of you with your treatment


My oncologist told me if there was any residual tumour left they could take it out with surgery. Is that an option for you?

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I agree with Maxpower. You will likely need surgery. Another thing to deal with. But it is worth it. Here I am lying in the sunshine on a terrace in Turkey. No regrets. The horrible times do pass. Stay as pragmatic as you are.


Thank you so much to both of you. I really appreciate you taking the time to reply.
I will hopefully hear from my oncologist in the next few days; I think i was expecting to read everything was clear so having the tumour still there was a little surprising
I will definitely take whatever options my onc suggests. Thanks again


Please get back to us if surgery is offered. We can support you through it. Good luck.

Karen x


Can I ask you have you any physical symptoms how are you feeling, was it a shock to you this news ?
I have finished treatment 7 weeks now and have a reoccurring infection, been on antibiotics a few times , heavy discharge, little pains and some bleeding off and on, I was stage 3c 2and treatment to cure MRI before my brachatherapy showed a good response to treatment and tumor shrunk a couple of centimetres. I’d felt pretty positive about things until last week another antibiotic and bleeding and discharge and oncologist said quite concerned they plan on bringing my MRI forward I await a date… I’m predicting that maybe bad signs are the symptoms I’m having and the oncologist being concerned perhaps the cancer isn’t responding as well as predicted to treatment too … Ugh it’s really annoying and worrying I guess I’m trying to ask you have you had any symptoms that stick out now I’m preparing myself for bad news … All the best and I hope you update us with your appointment etc , lots of love xx

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