Requesting sedation under NHS

I feel really let down by the NHS to date on since having my first colposcopy. I think something is wrong and somehow communications aren’t being sent to me - but I had a surprise LLETZ booked in without any comms on why other than a text message telling me my appointment date.

I hated the colposcopy and biopsy, and felt emotionally upset by it for weeks afterwards. I really can’t stomach the idea of being awake for a LLETZ procedure now - or having it not result in clear margins and having to undergo colposcopy/LLETZ again.

I’ve emailed the hospital requesting that someone call me to discuss sedation options, but just to wanted to hear from folks here about whether or not they were able to choose GA/sedation over local anaesthetic based on anxiety and emotional trauma alone and, if so, how I can best advocate for myself.

I know it costs the NHS considerably more money to do the procedure under GA so they’re unlikely to want to do it, but the thought of being awake makes me panic.

I opt for twilight sedation at my dentist even though it’s expensive because I’m so bothered by needles and drills and smells and sounds. Really hoping I can have this done under sedation as well.

Thank you so much!

I had my cone biopsy under a general anaesthetic at my request. I couldn’t imagine having it done while awake, either.

Thank you! They just called and said GA would be no problem and that they’d reschedule me to go under. Such a relief!

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