LLETZ under General Anaesthetic--Terrified!

Hi everyone,


This is my first post though I have spent the last few weeks combing through posts for guidance/advice/reassurance.


I had my second smear on the 17th of March, was in complete shock when a week later I got a letter through advising that changes had been found and I had severe dyskaryosis.  I went for my colposcopy last Thursday where I had a chat with the doctor and was advised they would do a biopsy and treat the abnormal cells while I was there. I am a huge baby and immediatly started crying and I had a lovely nurse who helped calm me down and held my hand! The doctor started to do the proceedure and then looked up and advised that there were too many abnormal cells to treat with a local anaesthetic so I would have to come back.  They did my biospy still (which I found so uncomfortable and actually screamed out on the third sample) I then had a quick consulation and got all the leaflets about the LLETZ procedure.  

I had a call yesterday and I am going to have the procedure on Monday the 20th.  I am terrfied! I hate needles and generally find everthing so stressing.  I was hoping people could give me a record of your own experiences (all the details) so I know exactly what to expect from arrival to going home. I have never had to go to hospital for myself and generally have been relatively healthy most of my life (28 years) and I am so scared.  I have read so many horror stories of people not waking up or complications. I like to be prepared if I know what to expect I can ease my mind.

I appreciate any help and advise.  I know this isn't the most pleasant of things to discuss so I really honestly appreciate anyone who can offer any advice.





Hi Megan,


i'm not sure if I can offer you much in the way of advice but just wanted to let you know I am in pretty much the exact same boat!!!!

i am also 28 with high grade CGIN changes and I am booked in for lletz 'top hat under GA next week after a failed attempt under local. I also am finding the process really tough but trying to find the positive which is hopefully this will just get rid of sorme thing that's much much worse.  Sending lots of good vibes!!!


J x

Hi Jane,

Thank you and the same to you! I will let you know how I get on, what day is yours? 

I think the thing I am finding so comforting is so many people have gone through the same thing! For something I knew so little about I have come to find so many of my friends and family have had some form of treatmeant! 

Megan x

I'm next Thursday.  I sort of wish it was sooner.  I am struggling to concentrate at work woth it on the horizon!


Yes my mum is phoning me all the time telling me about people she has met who have been through it - I swear she asks everyone she meets.


Best of luck with everything x

Hey girls, I've just had my lletz done last  Thursday under general anaesthetic, its nothing to worry about, not that sore and I think probably a lot bet done that way, as they can examine you probably while your asleep and have a better look. Now since i 've had it done I had a little bleeding, but I've been having a lot of clear fluid leaking all the time, I have to wear a pad all day there's that much, so I'm not sure that's normal, il leave it a few days and see before going to the doc. So you will be fine, I was freaking out, the most painful part is the needle in the back of the hand for the anaesthetic. Xx

Thanks Jojo for you comments! Hate waiting just want it all over and done with now! I hope your issue clears up without further doctors!xx

Hi Meggiewren,

I had LLETZ under GA and it was very striaghtforward, please try not to worry too much about it over the weekend (although easier said than done). The worst bit was probably having no cup of tea in the morning and the wait at the hopsital. I walked down to the theatre. The staff were lovely, and as for the canula in the back of my hand - they are very skilled and I've experienced more discomfort from blood tests. They put a blood pressure cuff on and also those things to monitor your heart, which was a bit weird hearing my heart beeping at me but ok. They gave me something in the canula to make me sleepy, put an oxygen mask over my face and I went out like a light. I came to feeling very groggy (but eveyone is different with GA). I had to eat and drink something before I was allowed to go home. The doctor had given me local anaesthetic in the cervix so by the evening I was feeling sore and bit crampy, but nothing too bad. I took painkillers and cuddled a hot water bottle. I felt a bit fuzzy headed for a few days after the GA, but this how it affects me and everyone is different. 

I've had LLETZ under local and GA and have to say GA is definitely best  (in my opinion) as you don't remember it.

All the best for Monday.


Thank you for your message. Can't believe it's tomorrow! Treated myself to some new slippers for my hospital visit haha! Xx