Recurrent CIN

hi everyone. Im looking for advice. In 2008 i had a combined lletz cone biopsy performed for cin 3 and gcin high grade…asked if this was adenocarcenoma and carcenoma in Situ to which consultant told me he didnt like to lable things but it was the most advanced he had seen in a while. Anyway. In 2014 i had cryo for cin again. Told no hvp present., both times told confidently they got it all and would not recurr. Just had a colposcopy biopsy again, to be told i have cin 1 again. In less than 2years.
I understand it’s rare to recurr. I was told my cellsare doing itby themselves. i am now with a new nhs service as moved area. This new consultant wants to wait 6 months for review while acknowledging my history. Surly i warrant something now? Please help. Xx

HI.  Not sure how much support u can be. 

I had low grade cgin and cin 1 changes removed with lletz.

Been on 6 monthly smears and colposcopy now for a couple of years. 

Were u having 6 monthly checkups initially?

It seems things haven't progressed as bad as they were which is reassuring. And you haven't had glandular cgin changes again.  That's a bonus in itself. 

Cin1 they don't tend to treat. 

I moved nhs trusts during check ups and they are different in there approach

 Where are u based now? 

Natalie x

Hi Natalie. I had the inital stuff removed in ashford kent in 2008., then the recurrent second batch done in the Middle East. Now back in the UK in the North Highlands and so i have no choice of doc or hospital unless i want a really long wait. 

Im just so disappointed with the new gyn. In ME i had private Healthcare insurance so got great instant treatment n tests. I guess ive been pampered too much ha ha.  

As for CGin i have only recently been told while in ME that smears would be no use for me due to scar tissue. But im hoping it is gone for good.

 I had colposcopy every 6 month for the first year then it was smears yearly since then.  

Thanks for your support x

Hello loripori. It's standard with cin1 to adopt a wait and see approach. It doesn't have anything to do with now being in a different area. I also have recurring cin and have had three treatments in different hospitals as we move all the time (armed forces). The thing to remember is that your cervix is finite and based on what you are saying they must have taken a good chunk of it. You really want to try and get rid of the cells naturally if possible. If I can't clear mine, I'll have to have a hysterectomy because there is nothing else left to remove. I'm taking lots of supplements to try and boost my immune system. Good luck, I hope all goes well for you.

Old hand.  Thanks for replying.  I am so tired of it all . it seems every.few years this thing comes back and its so worrying. I realize the cin1 is low on the level of treatment and danger but i really didnt expect the brush off from the gynea given my history.

Sorry u have been through it with this too. Im glad u are taking a more holistic approach.  Unfortunately i have autoimmune disease which is destroying my lungs so im on immune supression just now so i cant risk increasing my immune response. I hope it works for you xxx