Recurrence of CIN2

I was looking for advice or support from anyone who has had repeated diagnosis of CIN 2.  I was initially detected in 2002 and had multiple treatments until having a clear smear after cone bbiospy in 2004.  Unfortunately this put a huge strain on my marriage and I ended up divorced and then in 2008 I was yet again diagnosed with CIN2 (I have been on annual screening since 2004, and at the time they recommended 10yrs!).  This second time I was given a lletz procedure and I have attended all my annual smears.  This year should have seen me return to normal routine screening but I've found out that CIN 2 has returned.

To say I'm devastated is an underestimate.  I now actually live in Australia, so have no family here but do have good friends. 


Has anyone been through this repeatedly and have any advice?  I really don't want to continue this road for ever and need other options than just lletz.

Thanks for your time

Hello Catinahat,

I'm sorry to hear what you're going through. It can feel like a never ending nightmare, I totally understand that. My situation is a little different, but  I didn't want to read and run, and so thought I'd say hi. Although I've been treated twice for CIN 2, I've never yet had a clear smear as the cells start changing again as soon as the abnormal tissue is removed. 

A friend had CIN 2 recur after 10 years, she had LLETZ again and has been ok since with clear smears for 3 years. Do you know if you've ever been tested for HPV? Sometimes the infection lies dormant and can recur, other times it's possible to be infected by another partner. 

I'm glad you've got good friends. Do you know when you'll be seen at the hopsital?

I'm sorry that I don't have any answers for you, I do wish you all the best though. 

Take care.