CIN recurrance after 2 years

I got my latest 6 month smear test results today (after 2012 Lletz and cone biopsy for HG CGIN, CIN1 & 2) and am really upset to find out the abnormal cells are returning.  At my last smear and colposcopy they spotted some white areas after the solution was applied.  Despite the smear coming back negative, the biopsies from these areas have come back as koilocytosis and CIN1.  I've had koilocytosis on a past biopsy and really hoped it was just minor abnormality during healing.  But no, it has progressed.  Anyone else had this and it has gone back to normal on its own?  I'm on a 'wait and see' with the hospital and not back until March.  I spoke with a nurse today and they want to avoid more procedures until they have to.  Although, I'm not keen on the thought of it being there, possibly getting worse for 6 months.  Terrified of more CGIN hiding somewhere too.  Frown any advice welcome......

Hi there,

I noticed no one had replied and I didn't want to read and run. I know how upsetting it is when CIN comes back, I really feel for you. My situation is a little different as I've had CIN recur with no clear smears in between.  (This isn't a common experience though.) But I also wanted to share a couple of other experiences with you. One of my friends had a recurrance of CIN in 2011 several years after being treated. She ended up having another LLETZ treatment and has had clear smears since then. A friend of a friend had CIN 1 which was monitored and this did go back to normal without any treatment. This can happen with CIN 1, and they keep an eye on you to see what happens, which I think it a good thing even if the waiting is very hard. 

Trying to focus on other things, finding distractions and not spending time researching are things have helped me in between appointments. Easier said than done I know, I totally understand that. 

I don't know if this helps at all, I really wish you well and hope your next result shows things have gone back to normal. Take care x

thanks for the reply.  its nice to hear of cases where it is isn't too negative and things do get better (or don't get worse).

i'm trying to stay positive.