Recurrence concern


Sorry if this turns into a long post.

I am panicking as when I went for my last check up at the beginning of December the gynae oncologist advised me that a lymph node had showed up at my MRI I had in June. I already had a discussion with her about the MRI at my last app in Sept and she never mentioned it then. She did go on to say at the December app that even though it showed up the MDT has confirmed NED and that the lymph node wasn’t large enough to be of concern. 

Since my recovery from my surgery I have had pains on and off every few days or more often. These range from stabbing, burning, sharp pains all in my lower abdomen. I have told my gynae about these each app. She said due to my continued pain and the lymph node showing up she will request an MRI for me and that I should get it 2 weeks. 

In addition to my lymph node and pains I have also been to my gp a couple of times with unexplained discharge and this has started again this week. Also over the last 2 months I have had lower back pain which I now realise I had before my surgery.

When I have looked into recurrence all of these issue are symptoms and I am so worried it has come back. I have called the MRI dep also as i haven’t had an app through and they’ve said it’s an 8 week waiting list. 

Any advice would be great as I just dunno what to do. 

Hopefully it's something and nothing but I think you should get back onto your gynaecologist and see if they can hurry your mri up.

Just to put your mind ato rest  

No point me telling you not to worry as we all have been there and worry is just part and parcel of our journey now. BUT if it is a recurrence I would expect your next step would be the chemorads, which as I am sure you have read, are very manageable and successful  x 

Please keep us informed x 



Thank you for your reply. I really hope it’s all ok just so hard when something is inside you and you can’t see it if you know what I mean. I just feel like some days I need a person to vent to that understands. Last night I woke up crying and had dreamt it had come back. Chemo or any other treatment is my worst nightmare but I’m sure it isn’t what anyone ever wishes for. 

I will try the gynae‘s secretary today again. I saw my gp this morning and they took some swabs and she said it is probably an 8 week wait and my gynae would have written something to request it and if she really thought it was cc again she probably would have got them to do it sooner so that helped me feel a little better.