Recently diagnosed with stage 3 CC

Hello Ladies ,

I am 43 and I got diagnosed with cc stage 3 last month and everything as been a rooler coast of feelings and a very scary time in life … hard to explain.

Everything started in Oct last year when I started having heavy bleeding even when I wasnt on my period. “Because I had a bariatric sleeve 1 year ago bleeding inbetween your period would be normal (they said!! )it would be my hormones,immune system and body adapting to my new stomach and way of life…” resuming …heavy bleeding started to be way to much till I started to have a very weird discharge when I wasnt bleeding !!went to GP the Doctor was excellent ,did some seabs that came unconclusive had to repeat them same week had a smear test while waiting for the results and because I was loosing Too much blood the Gp refered me to hospital with emergency referal , they check my blood looked me in the face and told me that everything was fine was just my period shouldnt worry about and my discharge was just a “urine infection” came back home with antibiotics for it …I recoon that all of us know our body too well so went straight to Gp spoke with nurse and doctor there got testes again and no urine infection detected .Meanwhile the Gp Doctor refered me to a Colposcopy in same week .Got my result and that was the Shock of my life!!HPV positive with high risk abnormal discaryosis and possible invasion.
Week after had my MRI scan ,a week after that had my PET-Scan and finally got the results and size of it …Stage 3, 8cm tumour with some lymph nodes affected no chance of surgery .:unamused:

Doctor assured me that it is treatable if he believes I believe in Him :raised_hands::pray:t4:
Going to start my treatments in a week time on the 19th, 5 weeks of radiotherapy with Chemio once a week ,then 4 days of Brackytherapy straight after …I am petrified😵‍💫

My oncologist said the treatment will be harsh, I am so scared of it but I never been so ansious in my whole life.
I think, just like all of us!, I just want to get rit of it and have a normal healthy life after this nightmare …:pensive:

My world fell apart ,thought about the worst, If I am confident about it??I dont know …but I have a lil grandson and I really really want to see him grow ,a husband ,a daughter and wonderful friends that dont let me go down hill​ :relieved:…and thats what keeps me fighting every single day…:raised_hands::muscle:t4:

Sorry for the long text…

Thank you ever ever so much Ladies for all the support and advices that we find in here it feels good to have the support and that we are not alone in this fight !you are all so so Brave !!wish you all the best wishes and much love :green_heart::white_heart::muscle:t4::pray:t4::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I took had stage 3. Nearly 4 years ago… actually I got the diagnosis 14th Feb 2020…what a valentine’s day! I had the same treatment as you. I was 42 years old. I was too, like you completely besides myself with fear. But, it’s not as harsh as you think it will be. I saw the rads as zapping my flbcc (lots of swear words with cancer at the end). I visualise healthy, healing green light. On my chemo days I saw it was a spa break (we were in a COVID crisis at the time so I was thrilled to be leaving the house, my husband and my three children). I literally saw it as a day out and having lots of good soapy spa stuff Iv into my body and all the rubbish being washed away. If I can help or just to talk inbox me. I can give you my number or email if it helps.


Hey lovely

Everything you are feeling is completely normal. Cancer is no small thing :grin:

I finished my treatment on 1/11 for 3C1 and just waiting to have me 3 month scan results.

You’ll be surprised how weekly the time will pass even if you feel it is crawling along.

Listen to the doctors because while treatment is hardly pleasant it is certainly doable

We are a helpful bunch around here so ask away if you have any questions xx



Hiya there, I’m 46 & was diagnosed with stage 3C in November last year and finished treatment 4 weeks ago. I completely reiterate what these other fab ladies have said. It’s not a walk in the park some days & it can be hard but you can do it! Just remember to listen to your body, rest when you need to, keep up with your eating & drinking & take it easy. I tried at first to keep up with what I normally did but soon realised that the most important thing was getting to appointments and getting home again. It will feel like a long few weeks, but you will get through it. We’re all here if you need a chat & a virtual hug! Sending you lots of love and hugs xxxx


I went through this Sept 2020 my tumour was 5cm. I had 5 radio 5 chemo and 3 brachy. Only managed 4 chemo as had to miss number 4 due to blood count ended up having a blood transfusion but they let me have number 5.
It is doable and it goes fast. Just prepare yourself and your body. Brachy is not as bad as it sounds. Good luck.

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Hello Ladies,
My War against It just started💪🏽

Had my first Radio yesterday it went ok,easier then I thought to bd honest hardly felt it :relieved:. came back home with a massive head ache and my legs aching all night believe that was stress related .

Today will be my first chemio another stress as i dont deal very good with needles :pensive:

But keeping positive and thinking that it is all to make me …better​:smiling_face::muscle:t4: .

Thank you Ladies for all your kind words and support it is so much apprecciated :heart:, Hope you All are well ,wish you All the Best and a very Long Life​:kissing_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::green_heart::white_heart:


@Neuzapinto hope you’re doing ok. I was the same with needles, I had to not look every time I had cannulas or blood tests. I asked for butterfly needles for blood tests as they worked with my terrible veins! I also asked for heat pads for chemo so my arms were nice and warm. So glad you’re feeling good, get plenty of rest when you need to & keep up with drinking lots of water. Here if you need to chat xxxxx

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Hi Ladies,

First Chemio yesterday !!what a mix of feelings that is :cry:so many people, horrible feeling of incapacity but all with the same hope in Life …been cured .

I was quiet Sad and nervous but had awesome people comforting me even the ones there on treatment .It is amazing how in a desperate situation people you dont know gives you the strongest support :relieved:

Came home full of energy because of the steroids dose was hard to sleep, I sweated a lot but no temperature .

Today, woke up a bit sIck but already ate and took the pills I am feeling fine for now …later on another trip to the hospita…l can Not wait till I say this for the last time …

Hope every single one of you are ok ,wish all the Best and Much Much Love :green_heart::white_heart:

We Can do this :muscle:t4::muscle:t4::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:🩷:kissing_heart:


Hi Laddies ,

First week gone and on my second already it seems that is going quick but at the same time it seems that we have been going to the hospital for months now.

Tiredness is starting to kick in after the radio and hard to deal with sometimes but I refuse to giving up :muscle:t4:

I rest when I have to rest and when the pain hit me in my pelvis and make it hard to walk around :pensive:

First review went well, they were amazed how well I am taking all this situation just with the support of family and friends …I am not the kind of person who share feelings and life with someone I dont know and I hate when people look at me with pity when I am trying to keep positive and hopeful (this is who I am !):woman_shrugging:t4:

In here I can have the support and the strength of someone who understands me and know so well what I going through and I can not THANK YOU ENOUGH for that Girls😘

And in real life I believe we just need to feel the support and
encouragement of the ones who loves you and really want you to get through all this nightmare safe and free of this beast.

I WILL keep Fighting :muscle:t4:I WILL STAY POSITIVE​:raised_hands: even if the world is collapsing around me somedays, always make sure I put every single brick in place again when my strength aloud me to it :relieved:

I Belive WE Can DO THIS !!:raised_hands::pray:t4::muscle:t4::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hope you All OK and Keep fighting dont let it put you down !:heart_hands:
We are Strong !:muscle:t4:
We are WOMENS!!🩷

Thank you ever ever so much to put it up with me Ladies !..couldn’ve done it without all your advices and support, it is so much apprecciated :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::white_heart::green_heart:


You are a very brave woman. Love your energy! I just got diagnozed with cervical cancer but stage not yet confirmed. Waiting for that! I am always here if you want to chat. I have similar symptoms like yours! We all will pray for each other!


@Neuzapinto so glad to hear you’re doing so well! The fatigue is horrible isn’t it? For me it was was the worse bit, I really struggled. Your positive attitude is brilliant! My motto when I was feeling rubbish was “you’re having a bad hour not a bad day”. Here if you need a chat, sending hugs to you xxxx

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@Mona1 so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I was diagnosed with Stage 3c on November last year and finished treatment at the end of January. The same goes for you - if you need a chat or an ear to listen we’re all here for you too! Sending lots of hugs to you xxxx

Hey @Willow23 I am so sorry we have to go through this. But it is what it is and we have to be brave and hopeful !
I just got back from my first doc consultation and he said that I am at stage 3C1. It has spread to my lymph node. May I please know what was your treatment? I will be given radiation daily for 5 weeks, cisplatin (chemo) once a week and brachytherapy at the end like 2 rounds. Just wanna know how u feel now and what was your tratment?

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Hi @Mona1 , So sorry for your diagnosies bear in mind that you are not alone in this fight and we are all here to support !
you will have the same exactly treatment as I am having now only difference is I will have 4 brakytherapies at the end !
Treatments are Ok not hard to coup with just the tiredness that we feel is horrible and drain us to the limit …I personally hate the Chemio days really heavy environment,just want to cry all the time ,come back home even more tired and next few days are horrible just want to lay down so my stomach and head can settle for a bit …but no have to get up ,walk around do something,eat something ,drink aswell … take the medication ,go to the radio …but hey!!! we have a treatment thats the main thing and we will get out of it :muscle:t4::muscle:t4::muscle:t4:

sending love to all of you Ladies and once again Thank you ever ever so much for all the support and advices

keep safe and much love :green_heart::white_heart::heart_eyes::muscle:t4::kissing_heart:

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@Neuzapinto Thanks a lot dear!
Did you lose your hair yet?
May I ask how far are you into this treatment?
Are you being given cisplatin too?
I want to keep working. I have an office job (work from home) . Do you think I can still focus on the job during the days or should I just take some time off?

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@Mona1 hiya lovely! i was diagnosed exactly the same as you, Stage 3c with lymph node involvement. The treatment I had was exactly the same you’re having too! It was hard going some days but it is totally doable. I personally struggled with the fatigue. I didn’t have any nausea and my bowels behaved pretty much too. It gets tiring going every day to the hospital for radio & getting your bladder to the correct fullness can be frustrating. Many times I was told it was too full or not full enough. I got good at emptying my bladder halfway if it was too full - Ive no idea how, I thank the Pilates ha ha! I didn’t find the chemo too bad thankfully, I did cry on the first one as it was a bit overwhelming & my other half wasn’t allowed to stay but the staff and nurses were amazing. I took my iPad and caught up on the box sets!

I had 3 sessions of brachytherapy over one overnight and a day case. I had a general anaesthetic the first time but I felt shocking after it so for the second one I opted for the spinal block and for me that was a lot better & I recovered a lot quicker. It took a while but I’m feeling great now, Ive got all my energy back and feel pretty much back to normal. I still have the odd twinge every now and then and my bladder is not happy when it’s full, but apart from that I’m feeling good! I’m here if you have any other questions or just need a chat! Sending supersized hugs xxxxx

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Hey lovely @Willow23
Thank you so much! I am going to start to pray!
We are you able to work from home or do your day job?


@Mona1 As I complete my treatment, I am very glad I took a leave of absence from work. Your bowels may develop a mind of their own, and then the fatigue… I sleep most of the day right now. But everyone tolerates treatment differently. I wanted to just focus on me and getting through these 5 weeks

@Kellybug221 Thank you so much for this.
Did you take all 5 weeks ? I may do the same!

@Mona1 ive actually been off since the beginning of all this. I had a hysterectomy and just remained off work during treatment. I will take some time after as well. I’ll determine how long by how I’m feeling. It’s a time to focus on you, so whatever you are most comfortable with

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