Newly Diagnosed

Hello All

My name is Laura im 27 married with a 3 year old girl.

I had some symptoms, i had been bleeding every day for around 6 weeks. There has been no pain or back pain. I called my GP’s and i had some swabs done and i was sent for a Coloscopy as the nurse thought it was Cervical Errosion.

I had my Coloscopy on the 22/12/15 where a biopsy was taken and he believed it to be a Polyp and he said he would refer me for theatre to remove the polyp.

I heard nothing over the festive period and i had a call on the 04/01/16 inviting me to come in on the 05/01/16 to get my biopsy results.

It was then i was told i had CC, i have not been given a grading as of yet and i had my chest xray and MRI on the 11/01/16.

I am feeling very anxious about the results of this and i am already expecting the worst!

Any advice you can give me would be great!!



Hi Laura,

sorry you have had to join Jo's,but you are very

welcome :-)

The ladies on here have a whole wealth of

knowledge and kind words to share and

hopefully that will help you through.

In the mean time,keeping busy is the best

thing,nest building as I call it...Getting things all


All the best and keep us posted

Becky x

Hey, worst thing to be told you have cc. You'll be seeing a lot of the hospital and the doctors they like to see you. Once you get your grading and treatment plan it does get easier and once you start your treatment.

Any questions were all here for you. Xx

Hi Laura :-)

I'm so glad you have found us, but sorry that you have had to. The phase you are in at the moment is the worst part, the not knowing what stage you are and not knowing what treatment you will have. This may sound very silly to you but even being told stage four seems to be better than not knowing at all. We'll have to ask Philleepa if I am right about that. So, if this is the very worst part then logically, everything else will be better than this. Sending you huge hugs and keeping my fingers crossed that you'll be cured by Easter.

Be lucky :-)

Thank you for your kind words. i should find out my staging today. I believe the consultants are discussing my case today and i will find out more in the coming days. 

I read about Phileepa and what a woman she is, such an inspiration and i took a lot of comfort from that.


Fingers crossed for being cured by easter it seems like such a long time away!!



So i have just had the call, Im stage 2b will need chemo and radio.


Thats all i know at the moment.


Laura xx

Hi Laura!


I am sorry that it has reach at stage 2b which belongs to the more advance stages here in jos and cancerresearchuk but do not worry because it is still very curable! my wife is a stage 2b girl as well with one lymph node affected. Our brilliant onco said that the stage 2b staging is still in the middle stage and not on the advancr stages by his opinion which kinda help boost our morale :) She was diagnose on sept 11 last year and am happy to say that she responded well to treatments and her follow up ct scan results show no signs of tumours In the cervix and in her nodes!

 Your standard treatment would be chemoradiation together with brachytheraphy and some doctors will offer clinical trials.

You go kick cancer out of your body! :)



wow that is good to hear!! I didn't get told a lot to be fair just the staging. 

Should find out more next week. 

so what's the chemo like. Honestly...

The waiting is most definitely the worst bit as I'm sure you now know.

As for being an inspiration, I don't know about that.  I think deep down I'm just a scared little girl who is forcing myself to be strong because I want to be around for my children x 

My treatment so far has been easy.  I'm logging it everyday on the post in the treatment forum, finally started treatment. 

I wanted to let people know how I go on daily because it might take some of the fear/unknown away.

Obviously everyone reacts differently and I don't know what the  next few weeks will bring me.

My Dr said it's curable so that's what I'm focusing on x 

Hi again Laura :-)

I was a 2b girl as well :-D Chemoradiation is doable and in my opinion a much nicer deal than surgery. Most likely you will have Cisplatin on a drip once a week probably for five weeks and during those five weeks you will have a very short blast of radiotherapy every day. You will be happy to hear that Cisplatin is a chemo that doesn't cause hair-loss. The chemo drip lasts approximately four hours and the radiotherapy takes less time than removing winter clothing. You may feel a bit pukey but you will be given anti-nausea medication to counteract that. The radiotherapy is quite likely to cause some diarrhoea but nothing too dreadful. Philleepa is now halfway through a four-week course and keeping a daily journal so if you check that it's like a little window into the reality of chemoradiation therapy.

Be lucky :-)

Hiya I was diagnosed just a couple of weeks before Christmas and I'm due to start chemotherapy and radiotherapy and will have brachatherapy too in the next couple of weeks it's all very daunting I've got stage 2b cc and everyone on this site is lovely and kind words they can help and answer questions about things we don't know that's how I found  lot of my good information reading some of the question and answers xx 

hi all, my mum also in stage 2b cc and goiing to start her chemo + radiotheraphy on 25/1/2016. My mum have weight loss problem. Now only have 40kg. May i know any food can help to increase her weight before stat her treatment?

Hi piggy :-)

Pasta or rice may help. Is she losing weight because of anxiety do you know?

Be lucky :-)

Hey piggy900, I lost a lot of weight due to being sick and not being able to eat. If you speak to your consultant at your next review mention the weight loss. I was given build up milkshakes they taste weird but they're doable - you drink 3/4 a day with your normal food they help with weight gain, or there is build up juices, yogurts loads of things I've got loads in my fridge :-)



Just an update, i have been contacted by my hospital, they want to see me for an extra appointment to discuss a clinical trial. I have no idea of my own treatment plan let alone any details of the trial and what this involves.


Has anyone else had any experience of this?




Laura xx

Hi Laura,

Normally the purpose of a clinical trial is to collect data in a controlled way in order to prove beyond all reasonable doubt a theory that is generally regarded as a safe improvement on treatments that went before. Doctors are not maverick and do not intentionally put patients at risk. One of the benefits of being on a clinical trial is that you are under even closer scrutiny than patients who aren't and any symptoms or fears you may have will be listened to carefully and checked out thoroughly. It will all be explained to you thoroughly, all your questions will be answered thoughtfully. People who give their consent to a clinical trial absolutely must be fully informed. You might like to think of it as a special opportunity.

Be lucky :-)

I have declined the trial. The trial was called interlace if anyone has heard of it. 

Got my treatment plan today. As you correctly predicted 28 radio 5 chemo and 3 bracby. 

All signed and going for my radio planning tomorrow!!

thanks for all the support ladies xx

Hi. Hope you are feeling confident going into your treatment.  Drink lots tomorrow to make sure you're hydrated for the radio planning. Tgey injected me with a dye and because I hadn't drank enough it took ages to go in x 


Hi Philleepa

All went well at the radio planning, i have my chemo planning next wendesday ready for my start date of the 10th! xx

Hi Lozleypezz

This is the worst bit -waiting.  I found it absolutely horrendous but once you have started to see the Drs everything will move fairly quickly.  I was graded 1a1 at the end of April 14 and had had a radical hysterectomy by the middle of May 14.  One thing that I have done since diagnosis is look at the whole picture with the view that to beat this disease we need to make sure that we in ourselves are as strong and as healthy as we possibly can i.e. looking after ourselves, eating well and talking to people when we need to.  Macmillan are fantastic to deal with and always have the time to listen and advise you - even if you just want to whine at them they will listen.  Maybe if you give Macmillan a call it would help you a little as they will explain things well and not use quite as much as the medical jargon as the Drs do which to be honest confuses the hell out of the best of us.  Good luck honey - keep in touch.  The ladies on this site are absolutely fantastic, there is always someone who will reply to you. xx