29 and diagnosed with cc today- devastated

Hi, been on annual smears after mild dyskaryosis 5 years ago. In Jan 2013 had abnormal bleeding and was told (and treated for) I had cervical erosion. Annual smear 3 weeks ago, abnormal result(CGIN), in for lletz last week. Went to drs today as I have an infection starting, asked if any results had come through not really expecting anything to be there To then be told cancer had been detected.

I'm completely devastated, ringing the hospital in the morning to find out more information (grade etc). Just wondering what treatment involves, is chemo the norm or just surgery?

My heart goes out to ystarry stay positive and strong plenty of lovely ladies that will help with advice on here fingers x for you Hun big hugs xxxx

I’m so sorry to hear your news. Of course you are devastated… We are all here for you if you need to chat,
CC is very slow growing so chances are after yearly smears you’ll be early stages.
Have you been given an appointment to see someone/consultant to discuss this all?
I had early stage CC which meant I only had to have surgery, hopefully this will be the same for you.
I’m sorry I can’t be of more help, some of the other ladies are much better at words than me!

Take care and try to keep strong - you can do this!
Em xx

Hi, so sorry to hear your news :( Hopefully after today you'll know more about your staging and what kind of treatment they are expecting you to need. They might send you for some more tests before they can confirm though eg a MRI. Let us know what they say and we'll try to help.

For me, mine is in the early stages so they think that surgery will be enough x


Mine was early stage to I have had a radical hysterectomy and now feel great.  Try not to worry, we have all been their and are out the other side.  You will be devastated but with each step forward it gets easier.  Let us know how you get on, we are all behind you x


Hi im 26 and found out in july that i had an aggressive form of cervical cancer and although it was at an early stage i am having chemo and chemoradiation and no surgery required.

if you read my story you will find that chemo is not as bad as you may think 

i found on this site that many women just need the surgery with great results and a minority need other treatment so please do not think of the worst. Your consultant will Tell you exactly what treatment plan is best for you and when you find out just keep asking questions on here as many of us will have been through the same.

in the mean time please be strong and do not worry too much, you can and will get through this with hard times along the way but with us and and your family you will beat cc

keep smiling :-)

Thank you for all your comments. My appointment with the consultant isn't until Monday so trying to forget about it until then. It's the not knowing all the ins and outs that are frustrating, just desperate to know now what I am dealing with so I can get on fighting it!

Hi there, first post on here. Recently diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 2B start radiotherapy and chemotherapy on Monday then have to have brachytherapy. I am so scared and worried but mostly frustrated as I asked for smears months ago and was told "we don't just hand them out" I have been fobbed off so many times at doctors despite me saying I thought it may be just this. 

The saddest part is facing infertility at the age of 28. I have a son who is 18 months old and I know I should NBC so grateful I have him as there are others out there in similar situations with no children but I always hoped to have more.


Has anymore faced similar situation? How bad am I going to be feeling throughout treatment. Has anyone had any side effects of brachytherapy. They mentioned bowel and bladder damage. So upset x 

Diagnosed with cc a few hours ago. Devastated. I'm now sat here reading all your comments so thought I'd add my own.

The fear of what might be seems to be riding high at the moment. Feel like I'm in a bubble and its almost not happening to me. The girls from work all came round as soon as I text to tell them and that helped as i was able to talk about it straight away But now they have gone. my 5 year old wants to know why im sad.

Don't have MRI until next Wed, a week away which is of concern- is it usually that long? What happens now? Like reading other people's thoughts and their stories so please let me know!!

I sympathise with you. What a shock, eh? 

Be strong x think we're in for a bumpy ride

Hey, I’m a week on from my diagnosis now and can honestly say the first weekend was the worst of my life. I have my MRI tomorrow, still waiting for my appointments for abdominal ct scan and chest X-ray. I think you go through roller coasters of emotions, I had a day where I was so angry that this is happening to me. You will get through it, the support on here is amazing. Do you have any family members who can help you? Pm me at any time if I can be of help

I’ve just seen this, have you looked on the treatments section as there are bound to be ladies on there who have had the same treatment and can give some advice about their experiences. It’s scary that the doctors didn’t take you seriously.

I know it’s difficult facing infertility, it’s such a devastating loss. However, you need to fight this with everything you have for your little boy.

Wishing you lots of luck xxxxx

I thought waiting a week for MRI. Is a long wait to have compared to a lot of people on here but you have the same wait. I've tried to get in at other hospitals and even privately at Bostonian private wing even they said most prob won't get in until then and would cost £647. It's just the waiting, not knowing. Just want it out,as you know. Let me know if you find any coping strategies!! X Good luck tomorrow!!

When I was sent for my MRI the waiting list was 6 weeks! I got really lucky as they had a last min cancellation for about an hour after I dropped my referral form in so they just did me then instead!

The normal process is that after your MRI, and any other tests they want you to have, your results get taken to an MDT meeting to decide your treatment plan and finalise your staging.

there are loads of us on here currently going through treatment, or those that have now had the all clear, so if you have any questions or just need to rant/talk etc you'll have plenty of support here xxx

Hiya, the MRI was fine obviously don’t get the results until I meet the the oncologist. I too think a week is too long to wait, I’m convinced the only reason I got mine so quick is because I chased it up myself!

Hope the shock s starting to wear off, I had a bit of a wobble last night feeling sorry for myself but I guess that’s to be expected. You will be very up and down, I find talking about it helps, it’s in the evenings when it hits me xx

I agree, it's the evenings, well late night really like now! Can't sleep so sit reading stuff on Internet and watching late night TV. Just so tired but can't go to bed. So many people around me past few days which is great but now is when I sit, think and feel sorry for myself. Worse case scenarios go through your minds and I think about silly possibilities like not seeing my little girl grow up... Woah!!

I'm glad MRI went OK. Fingers crossed for your results. X

think we need to take up a hobby to do in the evenings to keep mind busy!! :-)

Hi everyone .got through my four chemo no problems  and I am today going for my 6th radio everything OK so far just 43 days to the wedding .so thinking positive .Just44 more radio and I am Done xxx

Hi Gee

So good to hear from you, often wonder how you are getting on.  Sounds like you are coping really well, shows what a strong woman you are.  Pleased you got through the chemo OK and are into the radiotherapy now.  It's great that you have the wedding to focus on and look forward to, I hope you are treating yourself to a lovely outfit - you deserve it!

Keep us posted of your progress, I really hope it goes well and will be thinking of you.

Hugs,  Cheryl,xx

Fab news, the countdown is on. Hope the radio continuea to go well xxx