Really need advice LLETZ (Waiting/Flying)

Background: I've just found out that I have high grade dyskaryosis and think I need LLETZ but I'm not sure (I'm currently in Spain and Im not clear on the details.)

I may have to come back to England for it as I dont have healthcare at the moment and may be waiting a long time.


I have two questions.

1. Once you find out you have high grade dyskaryosis how long do you usually have to wait for treatment.

I may be able to get it here in Spain but will have to do a lot of paperwork first, so I was wondering if it was safe to do all that or if I should just fly back to the UK.)

2. If I do come back to the UK how soon will I be able to fly again afterwards? Will I be ok to come back a few days after.


Thanks, I'm very scared so please, any information you can give me!


Here's a rough translation of the information I have recieved,I don't even understand it in English, if anybody can help me understand the terminology that would be amazing!

High-grade SIL (previous terminology equivalent (CIN 2, moderate dysplasia) associated with morphological changes consistent with human papillomavirus infection.

Sorry Sam I can't help with your diagnosis but I contacted my insurance co after my diagnosis and they said I could fly if I had not started treatment and it was OK with my Dr. My Dr was concerned about bleeding and clotting. I was flying to usa. Your flight is obviously much shorter but I would check with your Dr. Good luck x

Hi Sam, when I had CIN3 after my smear, I was refered for LLETZ within 5 days, so it might be a longer period of time before they treat CIN2.

You will be fine to fly, mine was under local anaesthetic and was mindly uncomfortable for the rest of that day and for the following day, like a period pain, but I could still move about without too much of an issue.


The process was a bit longer for me as my hospital a colposcopy/biopsy before they would do the LLETZ (even though my smear showed CIN3). So my smear was in March, my colposcopy was in May and my LLETZ was in June. the wait all depends on the hospital and their waiting lists/process I think x

Took a long time for me too. Had severe dyskaryotic smear taken in june, only just had lletz this morning so 4 months! The waiting is the worst part! X