Does High Grade always mean lletz needed


Had smear test results in today - high grade / severe dyskaryosis & high risk hpv.....Going for colposcopy in the next week or two .... Thing is I have a holiday booked for 4 weeks time ... My question is - is it pretty much a given I'll have a lletz or biopsy? and if so can I still swim etc on holiday 3 weeks later?

thanks x

I would think they would be doing lletZ or at least a biopsy. Mine was severe, he couldn't see anything but treated there and then anyway. I think no swimming for least 4 weeks :/ xx

No swimming for 4 week with any biopsy or lletz as more chance of infection also if this is done you will be spotting after treatment x

Thanks Guys,
I might see if they can postpone the Lletz until I return in that case xx


I was in a slightly different situation as mine was CIN1 and 2 (i.e. moderate rather than severe dyskariosis), but they were fine with me postponing mine until after my holiday. I delayed it by 3 weeks, as I was riding my motorbike across France and didnt think that the after-effects of LLETZ sounded very compatible with that! The doctor was very understanding about it, her only apparent worry being that I was delaying it due to anxiety. When I explained that I didnt want to ruin my one holiday of the year, she was fine with booking another appointment for after I got back.


I delayed my Lletz for a couple of weeks in the Summer due to holidays and I had CIN3.  I don't think this will be an issue unless they are particularly worried about it.  Changes to the cells take a long time to develop usually.  My advise is enjoy your holiday first!

Good luck