Hi, I had a colposcopy just over a month ago where it was confirmed I had HPV and CIN3 cells. I had the LLETZ treatment and was told they had to remove a fairly large area of cervix. 


I have just recieved a letter saying my case was discussed at a clinical group meeting and I now have to go back for a re-assessment and possibly further treatment. Has anybody else had a similar experience? Is it likely to be another LLETZ? 


Hi natrobb87

It may be likely that you will have another lletz procedure if they haven't got clear margins. 
I had my first colposcopy in april and had a lletz procedure at the same appointment. The results from that found stage 1a cc so I had another lletz just over a week ago as they hadn't got clear margins from the first biopsy.There was about 7 weeks between my first and second lletz but I had an infection after 2 weeks which I think delayed the second procedure by a few weeks.

Hope this helps.



I'm in the same position. First lletz 5 weeks ago CIN III found and looks like its deeper than they thought so I have to go for a second one this Thursday.

I go between feeling angry and sad. First lletz experience was unpleasant enough so not looking forward to round 2 and the long 4 week wait :(