Radiotherapy without chemo after surgery ?

hey ladies , I’m a little curious if any of yous have only had radiotherapy without chemotherapy , I had adenocarcinoma stage 2a have had a radical hysterectomy and have been told my cancer is gone but they want to give me 25rounds of radiotherapy to blast any microscopic cells but from looking at most peoples storys who have been in the same boat as me they have also had chemo is it the norm to have both or do I trust in the doctors to no best and that this follow up treatment will do the job on its own ?, Melissa x x

Hi Melissa, I had an hysterectomy in September last year and they removed all the cancer but because the tumour was starting to invade the blood vessels they thought it would be best to do chemo/rads afterwards...I didn’t think they would do radiotherapy without the chemo as they work better as a team...I didn’t have to have brachytherapy and my side effects have been very minimal. I got the all clear in April. I was told if I didn’t take the chemo/rads when I took it, if the cancer wasn’t gone fully there would be nothing they could decision was a no brainer xx

Hi deelightful thanks for taking the time to reply and I’m happy to hear ur doing great after your treatment and have had the all clear , I taught it strange that they have told me i wont be getting chemotheraphy because like you I taught that they work better as a team , there not sure if I’ll need the brachytherapy I’m due to start treatment this Monday so I’m hoping when I go into the hospital I will get to see a doctor who can tell me more because I have only spoke to the nurses at the minute , thanks again and I wish you all the best , Melissa x x