Hi ladies,

Week 2 of treatment went well. They changed my anti nausea drugs so I hope it feels better this week.

So far so good. 2nd round of Cisplatin and 6 radiotherapies. Just mild nausea and light sunburn feel around my tummy.

My question is how long did you have to wait from end of radiotheraphy until brachytheraphy? I was told today 4 weeks. Sounds long to that normal? Also did anyone have surgery after chemo/rads rather than brachy?

In my mind if surgery is an option then it should be considered as in the event of recurrence extra radiotheraphy could not be given to the same area. So having it removed sounds like a better option in theory?

Sorry long message. A bit confused and having trouble processing options. Any info is greatly appreciated.

Thank you so so much.

Sending positive thoughts to all of us xx

Heeey. Glad things are going ok for you so far. I had my brachy around a week after external radiation :-) not sure about the surgery option. I don't think it's typically done though as radiation can cause tissue damage and make surgery tricky if not neccessary, that's my understanding :-) 

Hi BunnySyndney - My doc told me they'd do external beam radiation therapy for 3 weeks before my first of 4 brachytherapies.  They said they wait that long so the external bean shrinks the tumor first, as apparently cervical cancer responds really well to radiation.  

Hiya :-)

My case was a little unusual, and if you want to read all about it just click on the toad and you will find my post "My Big Fat Greek Hysterectomy". It's a long read and I shan't bore everyone with the details here.

Surgery is the preferred option if your tumour is less than 4cm (I think that's the size). If your tumour is larger than that then surgery is regarded as less safe than chemo-rads, and so that is what you get. In some unusual cases (like mine) you might get chemo rads after surgery but you will never get surgery after chemo rads unless there is a recurrence.

Brachytherapy is the finishing touch, the icing on the cake if you like, of chemo rads. I had two brachy sessions, on Fridays. My final radiotherapy was on a Tuesday and my brachys were the following Friday (3 days later) and the Friday after that (10 days later).

I did not have to wait for the chemo rads to have an effect because I had already had the whole lot (including the cervix) surgically removed four months earlier. I hope that is helpful although I know it is far from typical.

As a general rule of thumb, you are likely to be personally involved with only this one cancer diagnosis in your whole life whereas your oncologist is dealing with hundreds of cases every week for an entire working lifetime. Therefore I tend to put my trust in the better knowledge of the oncologist :-)

Be lucky :-)

Thanks everyone.

So many things going through my mind. Rollercoaster!

I started my brachy  the week of my last chemo rads