Questions to ask at 1st meeting?

Hi ladies,

I have my consultant meeting tomorrow to discuss my staging and treatment plan. Results from initial biopsy suggested 2a1 but surgery may still be on the cards. Im bringing a list of questions with me. Does anyone have any suggestions on questions to ask or was there any questions you forgot to ask and wished you had? Thanks so much in advance, Sarah xx


Nothing to add to the questions as my oncologist walked me through step by step and my questions were based on him confirming my treatment and stage.

All that said above I just wanted to wish you luck and send you all my support and hugs for tomorrow

Thanks so much @Justpeachythanks
I think ive a fairly comprehensive list regardless. Just want to be more prepared than the initial diagnosis. Thanks for your support as always xx

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@Sarah1987 good luck for Tomorrow!! Will be thinking of you and sending lots of hugs! Xxxx

Thanks a million @Willow23 xxx