First consultation

hi ladies


i,have my first consultation on Monday morning, I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago, 1b at least, what can I expect from this first consultation? 


Thanks for reading :)

Hi Tracy, so sorry to hear your news.  I was in the same place in January. you are defintiely in the right place with Jo's, it will keep you sane :) 

Can I ask what you have had done so far? What are they basing the 'at least 1b diagnosis on?'  This will dictate what happens next 


Hi nellie

thanks for reply. I have had lletz, mri, biopsy, blood tests, my consultant said at least 1b, now been referred to hammersmith, got consultation Monday :)

No problem.  To be honest they seem to do things differently at different hospitals.  

I had a Lletz for suspected CIN3.  It was a complete shock when they called me in to tell me they had actually removed a tumor.  They thought they had most of it so were pretty sure it was 1b1 from the start.  I had an MRI which showed no tumour.  Obviously there were not clear margins though so I still needed treatment. 

At my first appointment post diagnosis and MRI/Xray i was told the results from the MRI and we disucssed the treatment plan.  I already knew that a Trachelectomy or hysterectomy were the most likely treatments as long as the MRI showed no spread.  Therefore I had already had time to think about my options.  So I would imagine they will also lay out any treatment options and try to give you as much info as you can take in.  

Definitely take someone with you and write down any questions you have.  

I'll say a little prayer that it is indeed only 1b for you xx any questions ask away and keep us posted.  

How are you coping by the way?? 

N x


i am probably coping a bit too well, everyone around me isn't! My hubby was distraught, my mum sobbed, and I'm like man up everyone, it's a piece of cake, I don't seem to have worried at all! Maybe I'm not normal, but I'm just in kick ass mode, with a ' get it out, and sorted ' attitude! Thanks for all your info, it's a great help, just need the heads up with what to expect to be honest.

thank you so much for your time, and yes will post back here when I know more, maybe then I might go to pieces ;) x

Hi Tracy,

I think you are perfectly normal taking it in your stride. I think it's actually much easier to cope with your own cancer diagnosis than someone else's. Your hubby and your mum are probably terrified that they will lose you but you don't feel ill and you're sure everything will be just fine and dandy, and I'm sure it will be too. But our nearest and dearest feel completely helpless in this situation. They need support as well as you so try to make sure they get some.

You may also find that after you have had your treatment, once it's all over and done with and you've heard the magic 'All Clear' you may well take a sudden stumble when it actually hits you that you had cancer.

Be lucky :-)