Questions to ask?

Hi all,

I am nervously anticipating a call from the nurwe tomorrow to find out what stage I am at.

What sort of questions  are helpful to ask? I'm hoping she'll cover everything but is there anything you ladies can think of?

Thanks in advance x

Hi Sweet pea,

I'm sure when the time comes the questions will pop straight into your head but the obvious ones would be what is the most likely treatment to be offered and take it from there.

Be lucky :-)


Hi Sweet pea

I was told my stage at a consultants appointment and he did pretty much cover everything but the main points I can think of are: what is the treatment plan, when is it likely to start, how long will it take, what is the recovery time, what is the follow up plan.  If you need a hysterectomy it may be worth asking what type and if it will be keyhole or abdominal.

Sending you lots of luck, I hope it goes well for you.



Just wanted to say- best of luck for today. 

Rach x

Thanks so much for thinking of me xx


I'm terrified xx

Hope you get on ok hun x

Was just thinking of you sweet pea let us know when you hear xxx

Thank you xx


The nurse called. She didn't give me a stage which is annoying but she said it wasn't stage 4 to my massive reliefe.

She said it's unlikely they'll do surgery and that I'll have radio and chemo - not sure if this is a good thing or not?! 

I have a meeting on wed with the oncologist and then wed pm I have to go under GA again so they can examine my bladder. Apparently this usually hets done with initial biopsy but as my doctor didn't expect cancer he didn't look at my bladder! X

Sweet pea bless you, you have been so worried I am the same I am slowly sleeping a bit better now. Such a horrible thing for us to go through the waiting is the worst. hope you can rest easier until Wednesday. Big hugs xxx 

Ps the fact they didn't suspect it was cancer must be a good sign surely as my consultant said early stages are difficult to detect with naked eye xx

Mine is early stage 1b1 thats why they have opted for hysterectomy