Punch biopsy without having had a smear? Scar tissue?

Hi, I had 2 punch biopsy on 20th Nov. I was initially referred just based on some abnormal bleeding, I haven’t had a smear since 2013. I have had 2 treatments in the past for CIN 3. The doc said the white area shown when I had the colposcopy could be scar tissue? I’m getting really anxious! Any advice or similar stories would be gratefully heard!!! I don’t understand why they didn’t just perform a smear? It worries me they habve seen something and are just jumping straight on it?

A smear would not have been useful in these circumstances. Smears are not very specific.

I think they#ve done the right thing. You've presented with symptoms, have a history of CIN3, they have seen something on colposcopy which they are not sure if it is a return of precancerous cells or scar tissue so they have biopsied it to find out for sure.

Waiting for results is always the very hardest part of any of this so hang on in there and I hope you get good results.

Thanks so much for the reply, your journey has been a long one... I hope things are looking positive for you? I am going a bit crazy with worry but am just going to have to wait like everyone else. So fingers crossed and hopefully good news is on its way for us all :-)