feeling confused


I had my routine smear test 2 weeks ago and it came back with severe  dyskaryosis. I went for my colposcopy exam today, where the doctor told me that he couldn't see the extent of the abnormalities that the smear test apparently showed. So no treatment today, and he said he would ask the pathologist to take another look at my original smear test. He said he would write to me within a few weeks.. what I don't understand is, how can there be such a difference between the 2 results..? How accurate are smear tests..? I can't seem to find an answer on the web, so was hoping someone here might have some insight?? Please 

I dont believe smears are very accurate. My smear said mild dyscariosys, i went for colposcopy and turned out to be CIN3. But good news for you that the gynae could not see anything, it is possible you had a small inflamation on your cervix when they took your smear :)

Hi there,

Sorry to hear you are having such a confusing time.

Did the doctor take any punch biopsies?

The same thing happened to me, I was told I had CIN3 changes and that a loop biopsy would need to be taken that day. However, when they looked they couldn't see anything. To be precautious they took smaller punch biopsies but told me it was unlikely that I would need to come back. Unfortunately my punch biopsies did confirm CIN3 changes and I have since had a loop biopsy.


if you are worried I would speak to them again and ask them to take punch biopsies (if they haven't already). What I would say is that my consultant seemed pretty sure I would be fine (eg. No changes or only mild) and seemed quite shocked that it came back as CIN3, so chances are all is fine. 

hope this helps!


Kat xx