Can a punch biopsy detect cancer


I received my smear results in February which showed CIN3. I then attended colposcopy 2 days after my wedding on 28/03/18. My consultant was going to do Lletz there and then but as I was going on mini honeymoon the next day she took biopsys and I'm still awaiting results. Which is 3weeks tomorrow. I am anxious about it all but wondering if the biopsys would show CC if there was any? Or if it shows CIN3 as smear did is there still a chance the Lletz could show CC? 

Hoping someone could provide some insight

Thanks in advance 

hi  i had a biospy took at the start of may and yes cin3 means that there are adnormal cells thats could be precancerous cells as well. my results were adnormal but not cancerous.. i then got s letter to go for treatment which was last week. had cramping and sickness after it but never had any bleeding or that. hope this helps. 

Thanks for replying. Yeah I know what was picked up in my smear was precancerous just wondering if anybody else who had a punch biopsy after their smear found anything different I. E cc.  It's reassuring to know your treatment went well,  I'm not looking forward to it. 

My punch biopsy waa what determined tgat i had adenicarcinoma in situ. The ECC confirmed it and i had a cone biopsy. Just waiting for my results  

Cdngrrl thank you so much for getting back to me. Hope your coping okay, I'm sure its scary. Fingers crossed your results are what your hoping for.

I don‘t feel like I’m coping that well. Almost a week since my core biopsy and still no results. 

How are you doing!


I still have no definative answer to what is going on. My smear was cin3, my consultant at colposcopy seen enough to want to do leep but didn't with honeymoon, then results of biopsy cin1. Received a letter today to go back to colposcopy but don't know why or what for. Only know about cin1 as Secretary told me and mentioned they wouldn' need to see me for 6 months.  2 weeks later I got another appointment. So I'm really confused and nobody has spoken to me other than the secretary a few weeks ago.

I hope everything is okay with you. Have you got your results yet?