Proposed Hysterectomy

Hi everyone, I am looking for some advice about the possibility of undergoing a hysterectomy as a result of cell changes. I had my first abnormal smear result around 4 years ago now. The result showed CIN3 and CGIN and I had some laser treatment. The following year I had boderline abnormal changes but my recent 2 smears have been clear. My mum had cervical cancer and passed away but as far as I’m aware it isn’t a heredity disease. My consultant has proposed that I have a full hysterectomy removing my womb and cervix only. He has suggested this to give myself peace of mind due to my family history and the fact I have quite heavy periods. My question, is, has anyone else had this surgery? I am in two minds to go ahead because I don’t fully feel it’s necessary. It’s such a major surgery and I don’t want to put myself through something if i don’t really need it. Thanks

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Hi :wave:

No personal experience as my smear showed cell changes so went in for final LEEP before finding out sorry our mistake you already have cancer :upside_down_face:

I’d be getting a second opinion because it is major surgery and no, it’s not hereditary or that what my oncologist said.

I know this surgery is offered on persistent, CIN3 but only after LEEP has been done and there is nothing physically they can removed from the cervix.