Post treatment


Just joined the forum, and seen all of the comments being great advice and support to others. So thought I would share my current situation.

I had my first smear two years ago aged 25 and this showed cin 3 I had llezt treatment which found a small area of cancerous cells. I was told stage 1a1 and had another llezt to remove. I was told the margins was clear and they had removed it all. I have been having my 6 monthly colp checkups and all was normal until 6 months ago on the last one where if it was normal I could go back to 3 yearly check ups. However my last one showed borderline changes, I was told to wait another 6 months for another smear and that not to worry!!! I have my appointment on Tuesday and feeling really anxious. I was told last time that usually they would remove my cervix completely but I have not had any children yet so they refrained from this. Has anybody else had the treatment, gone all clear then had changes again?? Could the cin 3 be back or worse the cc.
Any suggestions much appreciated x

Hi sweetheart :-)

So sorry to hear about this latest set-back. I don't think that anybody here can predict what will be discovered at your appointment on Tuesday, though we can all empathise with your anxiety! We all know what that's like!

It sounds very much as though your team are doing everything they can to retain your fertility, in which case, if the cancer has returned, they may well offer you a trachelectomy, which will retain your ability to get pregnant and to carry a baby to term.

I hope this helps but do please ask any questions you like on here and stay away from Google!

Be lucky :-)

I had mild changes after 1a1 but when they did the colposcopy and biopsies all came back clear. My next smear was normal