It's been a little while since I was last on here.    I had my 6th visit to the hospital today for a colposcopy in the last 3 years. And my 3rd punch biopsy.  Have been told I have cin. Doesn't seem to be getting better,  even after having the loop twice. Just feels never ending and I'm scared even more now as this time they told me I need to have an internal scan which they have never said to me before :(  feels very lonely 

Hello hun!

Although I'm not in the same situation, I didn't want to read and not reply. I understand how anxious and horrible this can make you feel! But you're in their hands and they're taking as much precautions as they can and monitoring you. As hard as it is hun, cin is not cancer and in most cases doesn't lead to cancer, although it can be a nightmare that it keeps reoccurring - the best way to look at it is, at least it is ONLY cin and nothing more or worse. Try to keep that in mind hunni, I know it's hard believe me I do, but you're in the system and being looked at closely which is the main thing!

If you need or want anyone to talk too, please message me as I know how you feel. This site is amazing for support!

big hugs xxx

Thank you very much. I appreciate your message x

Hi there, I too seem to be on this never ending cycle of smears/colposcopies/biopsies & lletz treatments and everytime I find I get more and more worried and lonely. I had an appoinment last week with the consultant (I have had two rounds of all of the above in the last year and three months) and this last appointment was supposed to be my third lletz but once the consultant had a look he said he could see anything on the cervix this time but has taken some biopsies a little further up to check as all my smears constantly come back as severe dyskaryosis and the previous biopsies both CIN3 so once again I am playing the dreaded waiting game. But at least I know I am being well looked after and "in the system". I to was warned that they may do an internal scan this time to check the amount of cervix that is left, so a future treatment plan can be drawn up. Sorry if I have gone on about myself too much but I know when I wrote on here I just wanted to know there were other people in a similar situation :-) Best of luck x