post op review - bad news



just had post-op review with surgeon today - not so good news.  Lymph nodes not affected however, it had spread to my ovaries, which I had removed during radical hysterectomy on 05/12/12. Instead of my original stage 1B1 I've been re-staged as 4.  Surgeon said this is unusual, rare even, for it to spread how it has.  'Normal' spread is usually found in the lymph nodes - but they were clear. 

I will now be referred to  another doctor who will discuss my treatment plan - most likely radiotherapy,chemo & brachy.   

I'm shell-shocked, my brain is still processing the news.

Have any of you ladies experienced this?



Oh I’m so sorry to read this, sweetheart. It’s the kind of news we all dread, I think. I’m not surprised you feel shell shocked - this is a time to feel any way you damn well want to, I reckon.

I wish I had some amazing insight to share with you, but all I can do is send my support and encouragement and to wish you well in the days and weeks ahead. I am sure there are other members who will be able to share their experiences from the other side of news like this.

Keep in touch. xxx

Iam so sorry to hear this awful news. Bless you lovely and as Rosehip says we are all here for you and am not at all surprised you feel shellshocked.

All our journeys seem to  develop like a rollercoaster and i hope you rimpending  treatment is bearable and successful for you.

All the very best wishes and love coming your way xx





I’m so sorry to hear this. Once you’ve got your head around it and understood what your treatment options are hopefully you’ll feel a little stronger.

You’ll have heaps of support from other Jo’s members, that is for sure.

I’ll remember you in my prayers and hope for some more positive news for you in the weeks to come.

Lisagp x x x

Hi hun,

The fact that there was no lymph node involvement is very will be easier to treat and zap if they know exactly what they're zapping and where exactly it is. A stage 4 is a scary one, but people do survive this staging, especially with the skill of the oncologists/radiographers in hospitals today.

Sending hugs,

Ceri xx