Next step surgery?

Diagnosed with stage 2b CC lymp node involvment back in April had chemorad followed by internal treatment which finshed in July.
I had a PET scan in January which showed that my cervix was clear but a small 4mm hotspot in my lymp node, as this is classes as non significant i chose the watch and wait approach and was scanned again 2 weeks ago. The lymph node has now grown to 9mm and im now waiting on a appointment to discuss my options. Either watch and wait or surgery to remove the lymph nodes in my groin but petrified as i was told of the awful complications both during and after surgery to a radiotherapy treated area. Has anyone else been through this?
Feel so down and scared.
Thankyou if you took the time to read this, you ladies keep me going with your posts.
Leeanne x

Didn't want to read and run. 

has your consultant advised anything? 

will be thinking of you xxx

Hey, sorry to hear your news. I have 2b and lymph node involvement aswell. During my chemo radiation treatment I had my first scan and the scan showed my lymph nodes have got bigger :( I just have to wait and see aswell. It's horrible isn't it. Thinking off you xxx

Im back at hospital on the 11th and 12th to discuss what we do next.....just petrified at the moment and panicking with every twinge or niggle in my body. My lymph nodes were alot bigger then  after my treatment they shrunk right down but over the last 3 months increased even tho they are still smaller than before treatment. Your in my thoughts also ladies....keep fighting!! Leeanne xx

Didn't want to read and run either. Sending you both big hugs and hope this is all resolved quickly and safely for you.


Be lucky :-)