Post menopausal hysterectomy

This is my first time on this forum and I am feeling grateful to have discovered it.

I have had HPV 16 for at least 6 yrs.
In 2019 I had LLETZ surgery and cell samples taken from inside my uterus. No cancerous cells were present.
A colposopy and smear in 2021 was inconclusive as my cervix was too high to reach due to LLETZ .
6 weeks ago I had another colcoscopy which showed that I have cervical stenosis so I cannot now have pap smears.Because of this, my Gynaecologist has recommended a full hysterectomy as a prevention of cancer developing.
I am wondering if anyone has had success using hormonal cream over a period of time to soften and open the cervix ?
Also I have read of a procedure to stretch the cervix open with a Hegar Uterine dilator done under anesthetic.
This may not be feasible due to my age (70) causing thinning tissue or tearing of scar tissue.
I am waiting for an appointment to discuss alternative possibilities.
Im feeling scared about the surgery and possible side effects of a hysterectomy verse the high percentage possibility of HPV 16 developing into cancer.
I am otherwise very healthy with no issues at all.
I would appreciate any sharing of others experience or knowledge of long term HPV 16 , cervicle stretching and post menopausal full hysterectomy effects.