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Worried mum :( First time posting, so hope I'm in the right place. I had an abnormal smear test in November, and yesterday (11th Jan) went for a colposcopy. Before the procedure I was taken into a room & asked questions. One of the questions was if I'd had unprotected sexual intercourse, which I answered yes. She then told me, as a precaution if anything was found, they would give me a different appointment for biopsy once I'd had my period, just in case of pregnancy. During the colposcopy, the nurse then told me "I really need to take a biopsy today, if you will sign a form saying you consent" This has really freaked me out. Why would she tell me I'd have a different appointment, to then completely change her mind and need to do it there and then? I now have a 3-4week wait & it's already driving me crazy and its been one day! The worst part is the waiting!! Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Hi hun, have no experiance in the sense of why she would change her mind, but didnt want to ignore you. Maybe you could try ringing the department tomorrow and asking the consultant to give you a call so you can ask her. I was very blunt with my questions when i had mine on the 4th. Im now a week in of waiting for biopsy results and its driving me mad although i am strangely calm! Big hugs regardless xxx


I remember my first abnormal smear. The 1st thing I thought was cancer. I won't lie I broke down in tears. I immediately thought the worst. You feel like the world is crashing around you & you feel alone & scared.

But taking a biopsy is one of the best things. They take them to have a closer look at the cells. Yeah a pinch in that intimate area is a bummer for some people but it really is the best thing. 

The waiting is a pain. Spying on the postman everyday. I just want you to know you are not alone. I found distraction & keeping busy was helpful. I've got my appointment in a few weeks (I had an abnormal smear test last February). At the beginning of this year I was anxious about the appointment but now I just wanna get it over & done with. I spent most of last year with a dark cloud over me worrying about the annual smear test & panicking about what if's. I had sleepless nights worrying constantly & i was worrying so much most days it felt like I had forgotten how to live.

My advice-  try to keep busy. Try not to Google. This is by far the best forum for advice there's so many lovely people on here who can sympathise with what you are going through. You are not alone. 

If you ever need a chat or a ear to listen I am here xxx


Thank you both for taking the time to reply. Sara, I keep saying to my partner that I wish I'd have asked more questions, asked what she thought she'd seen, but I just wanted to get out of their. And tbf, as soon as I went into the changing room to get out of the gown, the nurse practically ran out of the room and into another to type away at her computer. 


Sweetie, the biopsy itself was nothing, it's the waiting as you say. I have two young children, so keeping busy is helping. I just find at the quiet times, when they've gone to bed, or as I'm stood washing the dishes my mind seems to wander. I'm 24 and can't help but think that if I have this already, what's going to happen in the future? I know that a little over the top, but I've had a handful of different scenarios running through my head. It's like I'm almost convinced I've got full blown cancer. 


Sorry I've completely vented there! Feels better to talk though, without worrying the people close to me. Really appreciate both of you're responses and hope you both get the good news we'rd all hoping for xxxx 

Hiya xx

It's normal for your mind to wander into the what if's & different senerios but what matters is that you don't stay there (letting the depressive thoughts eat away at you). Try not to let the worrying thoughts linger too long remember to live your life while waiting for the results.

I've spent a whole year worrying about this year's smear (my results came back this week normal but I'm till going to attend my coloposcopy appointment). I'd like to have more babies this year so I'm going to ask for a biopsy regardless of the smear results as I am still worried due to a high hpv smear test last year xxx 

Yeah the waiting is a pain but keep busy. Sleepless night- whack a movie on & cuddle up to your partner :) xxx daydream about something positive or think about something fun & exciting to do this week/month/year. Plan a holiday xx we all worry about the future & sometimes we forget to live in the moments we have xx

Thankyou!! Feeling better already :) xxxx

When i got my smear results (still awaiting biopsy results) i did the exact same. It was the day before xmas eve. Im 25 with 3 daughters aged 4 and 1 years. I broke down immensly and like you said almost convinced myself the worst was happening. You arent alone hunni so vent all you need xxx

Thanks Sara. Atm I'm just wishing for the best but preparing for the worst just so that I have some sort of coping mechanism. Good luck for your results!! Xxx