Please give me some support:-(

I’ve had three lletz done in the past 3 years.the first I hadn’t had a pap in eight years,so shame in was cin1-3,hpv+,and cis…margins came back with bad cells very close to the border.had one good pap after then again,pap,colpo,biopsies,lletz.this time lletz showed cin1 and nothing endo at all which I’m glad about.OK,so last August was my first check up from my second llefz and again…pap showed cin1-2.the lletz showed cin1 and the report says: cauterized mucosa has features suggestive of cin2-3… nothing endo cervical again…BUT WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?I’m scared now.have no cervix left and this crap keeps coming back.I see a hysterectomy in my future.but what the check up is next month.I’m really scared I have cancer.lady’s need to always keep the paps up.I know a lot of them who don’t.sadly.

Hi Deezaya Im so sorry to hear about your situation im glad you found this site for support. it is really worrying when we get abnormal results i have had Lazer treatment twice in the past. Im sorry i cant be more helpful about your situation but could you ask your doctor what your options are now that you have had Lietz 3 times?? If you look through other posts about Lietz you will see other ladies with same concerns and issues as you. I hope you get some answers soon. Keep in touch I will be thinking about you and wishing you all the best xx