Please can someone help me? :(

please someone help. I've just  been given my smear results and they show cin3 with 'features suggestive of invasion'.  I'm completely terrified that this means I have cancer. Has anyone else had this and been given the all clear? My colposcopy is booked for next week 

Hi chicka, so sorry to hear about ur results... I had cin 3 last yr and I felt the same as you the fear I felt was nothing I have felt befor, I would say try and not over worry but your going too, that's normal for you to feel the way u feel. I had my colposcopy and has biopsy took first, and the waiting on results is by far the worst time of all this, as treatment for the bad cells is not as bad as you think. After my treatment it came bk As just cin 3. All the thoughts you are havin a horrible I know I have been there, but just try and keep calm till after your colposcopy as you will know more once you been there. Keep busy talk to ur friends about how u feel, it's always better to talk and not keep things all bunged up in side. Also come bk here all the girls are brill.. Take care let us know how u get on, come on any time. Luv sky x x x

Thank you so much for replying. I'm going out of my mind with worry :( I accidentally saw my report from the lab, they had previously just told me cin3. The nurse said today that a lot of people are referred with cin3 possible invasion without knowing and they're fine but I just don't know what to believe anymore :( 

Hi, you have to keep thinking positive Hun. I know that’s hard at the mo, as like I said I was the same the worry will never leave totally. But like ur nurse said the lab report what u seen, is always a bit more in depth for us to understand and what she said does sound about right and a lot of people only get the letter saying cin 3. You not got long to wait for ur colposcopy, but will feel longer as the worry makes it feel so long… I hope all goes well for u, let us know how u get on… Someone said to me on here when I was going through this, is the worry and fear is not going to change anything just make us more miserable and she was right… I have my fingers crossed for u… Keep in touch.

Luv sky xxx

Thank you so much sky xxx

Hi there. 2 years ago I was told a had severe abnormailities in the neck of ny womb (cin 3) I had a biopsies and yes the wait can seem a lifetime but it came back as I thought so was given a loop biopsy. I have had 3 ckear smears since  and I am on yearly smears. I know how you feel I couldnt sleep with worry. Stay positive xx