cin3 please help im terrified

Hi ladies I went for my smear having put it off for 2 years .

.im 27 so this is first one..I have no real problems with anything down there so was so

shocked when it came back with this say im terrified is an understatement

.im a complete mess I have 2 young children and my partner and cant help but keep

Crying fearing the worse. terrified that the biopsy will reveal cancer

Im really unsure as how to cope with all min I feel like I can do this

I can tackle what ever gets thrown then other times have complete breakdown that

Im going to die...can anyone help me. .lil advice or anything

Ive read alot of horry stories how the found cin 3 and biopsy found cancer

Amd have myself into a complete mess...


Thank you in advance ladies xxxx


Hello hun! Okay first thing is first, stop panicking!!! CIN3 doesn't mean cancer so stop thinking like that! At the colposcopy they will examine in more detail your cervix and see what's going on! The biopsies are actually to determine what grade it's at - from what I understand with a lot of women on here.. Their smear results can sometimes be worse than what it actually is. I can honestly say that waiting is the worst part!! So just keep yourself busy hun until you get the results from the biopsy. The colposcopy itself isn't bad at all! It looks so much worse than it is, so don't worry yourself. I did exactly the same as you when I had my first ever smear in October of this year and my results came back abnormal 'low grade dyskariyosis' and evidence of HPV - I was told I had the high risk type which panicked me even more! She actually said to me though after my colposcopy that my letter may have been slightly wrong and that it's just the HPV virus that's present, she took 2 biopsies anyway just to make sure :) I'm still awaiting on my results. So honestly hun, until you've actually been and they have confirmed anything, STOP panicking! our minds can do crazy things to us! If it is CIN3, they will treat it hun and it's usually 100% successful. It's not cancer so don't think like that! Just enjoy your family, an put it to the back of your mind! Easier said than done I know, but honesty don't worry yourself!

Good luck hun!! Big hugs xxx

Hi hun, Dani is totally right CIN3 does not mean you have cancer although I understand how worrying it is when you get that letter! Do you have a date for your colposcopy yet? Hopefully it's not too long. Defo agree that the waiting is the absolute worst part so just keep yourself busy and use this site for any quiestions and concerns you have. It's a really worrying time for you but fingers crossed it will all be over soon!



Thank you for your replies...ive worked my self so much..

Iive read so many stories like mine that when they have the colposcopy

They find cancer..I feel so alone and scared...everyone around me are all

Saying ill be fine..just feel a mess ;(  


Take their advice hun! You WILL be fine.. CIN3 is not cancer and can easily be treated! You're in the system now so they will do what's necessary to remove the abnormal cells! Honestly, don't read too much into things. Just wait for your colposcopy and they will explain in more detail for you and reassure you that everything will be fine! They have to take these precautions in case in the future (many many years) it does turn to something more sinister, but it has been caught early so don't worry hun!! Like I said, CIN3 does not mean cancer! 

Stop worrying yourself, everything will be explained an the appropriate treatment will be done. Make sure you ask lots of questions at your colposcopy so you can put your mind at rest :) this site is amazing for support so you're not alone hun! So many women experience the same thing, it is very common. 

Always here if you need a talk! Big hugs xxx

Thank you so much for replying. ..really appreciate it xxx

You're welcome! Just make sure you take mine and your friends advice :) you'll be fine hun! Here if you wanna chat anytime xxx

Thanks hun :) so petrified :( seen so many stories bout women who just go for smear n its abnormal and ends up cancer. so scared I wana think positive I do but so hard xxx

I totally understand your worry because it wouldn't be normal not too, right?! You're in the same boat as hundreds of other women hun, it's honestly so common! Just keep in mind that CIN3 does not mean cancer! Yes, many other women may have been diagnosed with CC but this could be due to soooo many things like, smoking.. Low/weakened immune systems.. Or if left untreated. But even in these cases, it's still quite rare and CC often takes around 10 years to develop. It's also one of the easiest to cure. You're in the best hands hun and you needn't worry yourself! It's rare to have reoccurrence after treatment! Keep all these things in mind hun okay? Take each day as it comes and stop worrying yourself! Xxx

Its definitely a wake up call to things around..things that matter and dont ect TThank u for ur patience and replies..hopefully I am just being dramatic and all will be fine xxx

You're not being dramatic hun, it's natural to worry! Of course it is! :) just don't panic - they will explain in more detail at your colposcopy and you may even find that all this worrying was for nothing. Fingers crossed for you hun! Xxx

I know exactly how u feel :-( I went for my first smear (aged 26) a fee weeks ago and also got a letter saying I had high grade/severe results..... I am petrified I have my hospital app Tomoz for biopsy and can't help but think the worse !! I feel like I shouldn't b upset it frightend because it's out of my control which only makes me feel worse.... Anyway I will post again tomorrow when I've been for biopsy xx 

Aaaww its horrible isnt it :( im so so scared ive rang nurse a few times in floods of appointment is not untill 23rd dec I hate the wait altho a little reassurance came from the nurse saying that if they was not rushing it through then not to worry as everything be fine but then I wonder if they have to say that to reassure...good luck for tomorrow xxx

They can't say that just to reassure you hun, they can't give you misinformation on something that's so important. Honestly girls, try not to worry! The waiting is the hardest part by miles. Just keep busy and try not to think about it too much! Like I said CIN2 does not mean cancer and is easily treated without any reoccurrences. I have CIN1 that they decided not to treat and referred me back for a smear in a years time - so I have to wait a whole year to find out if it's got better or worse! Believe me, waiting is the worst part of all this. Just keep your mind occupied and stop worrying :) if they was that concerned they would have removed the cells straight away or referred you back for treatment quickly. Stop worrying girlies, just keep smiling and enjoying life! Health and happiness is the way forward :) good luck ladies! Xxx

Hi, just been to hospital it's the severe grade that I have they have now removed all the tissue and sent a biopsy off........ My mind is a lot more at ease now!! The procedure itself was simple not uncomfortable just strange, and now I just have the shakes and belly ache. They have said it will b new year now before I get the results but not to worry cos they r pretty sure it's not cancer :-) I suppose I won't really know for definite until the results come bk but for now his word will do and I'm gonna try and enjoy Christmas an my birthday (nye) xx

Aww glad it went well for u..I unfortunately have 3 week wait which is killing me :( did they allow anyone in the room with u? x

Yes my husband can in with me. The first thing the doctor said is don't worry u don't have cancer (how he can say this without biopsy I dont know cos at the end he said he would need to send it off lol) but honestly I was the same as you and now I feel a bit daft for how painless and eaus it was. Now the anaesthetic has worn off I'm having some paonful period type pains but not bleeding . U can watch it on the screen which was weird but i liked being able to c what was happening n what it looked like so that Google didn't need to fill on the gaps lol xx

That's good then as ad heard wasnt aloud in..Im glad you can now get on and enjoy xmas thats brill :) im still terrified that ive missed signs or something and that going to be bad..x

I asked. Today if there was any signs or symptoms and they said none at all for this xx hope this helps xx

Hi hun 6 months ago I was diagnosed with severe dyskariosis or cin 3. I also have a baby who was 4 months at the time and a 2 year old. I believed it was cancer after reading all kinds on the internet. On my letter it said probably not cancer but colposcopy and lletz. All I read was cancer , please try not to worry the treatment was quick and just a little uncomfortable , I was expecting horrific butchery and cancer as I always expect the worst. Im due tom for 6 months follow up but unable to go yet due to post coital bleeding , but fingers crossed they removed all my abnormal cells juat as they will yours xxxx