Please can i hear all of your positive or nwgative stories. One year wait again

A little back story.
I had cin3 result in 2014 and HPV + , resulting in a LLETZ treatment.

I had CIN3, CGIN and SMILE in 2016, resulting in a LLETZ treatment.

HPV negative since. I have had a few biopsies. I have had the all clear every year since.

I have had yearly smears every since my first abnormal on 2014, so the last 10 years. Urgh! I hsve never had any issues or worries i usually just plod along and it is what it is mentality.

Fast forward to my smear after my child was 3 months old, october just gone, I had NO abnormal cells, great! I was however, HPV positive again - high risk, back in one year for next review. I have no stds etc. Same partner for 17 years.
My issue now is, for some unknown reason, i have been feeling really uneasy and absolutely dreading waiting this year. I have a dreading feeling that something isnt right, but no reason to believe so. Very odd.

I was wondering if anyone had to wait a year what your story was if you wouldnt mind sharing. Any positive or negative stories welcome. Did any of you get an odd unsettling feeling? Im really not the uneasy type, im so laid back so i have no idea why i feel a little on edge.

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