Petrified i have passed this to my children

Hi, i had abnormal cells around 15 years ago, 6 months after the birth of my daughter. I put it down to having 2 babies in 11 months. I went for a smear last Monday and was told that i probably had HPV present back then. I have been clear ever since. I had never heard about this before and it is making me feel ill thinking about it. I feel dirty and ashamed but most of all i am terrified that i have passed it on to my children and my daughter will have to go through the same thing that I am going through and what alot of you have been going through with finding a partner. Have any of you felt like this?

I asked my consultant about this and she said there is absolutely no risk to children even if you have carried them while you have an active HPV infection. X


This virus is like a cold. Everyone gets it. Your daughter will have the opportunity to be vaccinated.


Thank you. I dont think it protects against strains you ve already been exposed to. I have read loads of research papers since i posted and it looks like it is possible for it to be passed on in pregnancy but they have no idea of how common it is or whether it puts them more at risk in later life. Not enough research has been done. I think i just have to stop reading things now and hope that i havent passed it on.

Thank you.

You are overthinking this. You used the term “dirty and ashamed”. That’s terribly sad. It’s just a normal virus that’s everywhere. With the exception of a few IVF babies, the 8 billion people on this planet were conceived by sex. The vast majority of those parents would have had HPV at some point. There is nothing to be ashamed about. Just focus on your lovely daughter.


Thank you. Deep down I know you re right.
I do feel a bit better about it all. I think its just going to take a bit of time to get used to it. Thanks again.