Feeling overwhelmed and upset

Hi All,
I got my smear test results this morning after a two and a half month wait. I’ve had pain and period issues since the birth of my daughter in March 20. All scans and tests before my smear had come back normal so doctors were scratching their heads.
The results came back as hpv positive but no abnormal cell changes. I’ve never had hpv positive results before and have the same partner I’ve had for years.
I’m struggling mentally at the moment, I think I’ve cried all afternoon. I know I shouldn’t but I feel ashamed. I feel like my partner will see me differently and also worried that this will develop into something worse.
I guess I’m reaching out for some positive words and stories from others.
I have a history of depression and I’m worried this is going to set it off again.
Holly x

Please don’t feel upset or ashamed or anything else like that about your HPV result - it’s so very common that you can basically take it for granted that everyone who has ever had sexual contact, not even full sex, has got it or has had it in the past or will get it in the future. It’s unfortunate that it’s so common and can cause complications in some people, but it isn’t “dirty” or anything to worry about in itself.

And it can lay dormant for a very long time, so you could have caught it at any stage and it may just have reared its head again now. Apparently pregnancy can make you more susceptible to that, so that may be why you’ve tested positive now, but you certainly haven’t done anything “wrong”.

That you don’t have any abnormal cell changes is great news!

I’m sorry you’ve been having issues since giving birth - I hope docs can get to the bottom of it, but I wouldn’t assume its connected to HPV.

I know all this is very easy to say and a different story when it’s you getting that positive result - my smear test came back HPV positive (with abnormal cells that I’ve been having to deal with) and I definitely freaked out even though I knew everything sensible. My consultant gave me a good talking to (in a nice way) and told me not to give the HPV part a second thought. I hope you can take some comfort from that when you’ve had time to process things. Be kind to yourself - you’re allowed to be upset, whether there’s reason to be or not.


Thank you so much for your kind words. Joining this group will be a great help to me.

I have tried to schedule an appointment with a GP to talk to them about it and my own mental health after this but unfortunately there are no appointments until the end of August.

At least it’s known, I put off having a smear for 2 weeks but I’m so glad that I actually went in the end.

Holly x


Hi! Im sorry you are feeling so badly, I totally understand. My first result that showed I had HPV was such a shock to me and I felt so bad about myself. I’ve only been with my husband so I was worried he would feel terrible (which he does) or be worried about me or himself. I really put myself through it with worry and anxiety. I do have cell changes and am having them removed next week, but the good news is you dont have cell changes yet! Even if you did/do there are great treatments that can be carried out to ensure it doesn’t turn into something you should have to worry about!

Like she said already, HPV is so common. Unfortunate as it may be for those of us who do have it. And while it can be shocking and scary, be assured that you are in good hands and will be taken care of should you ever need treatment :slight_smile: and you might not!

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Thank you Jackie, I appreciate your reply. I’m starting to feel a bit calmer now.
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade as they say :lemon: xx

I totally feel for you. I’m in same situation
Got told I’m hpv last week.
Not a minute goes by I don’t think about it…
I don’t know how to tell my long term partner… I’m so worried what hpv leads to
… We both need someone to talk to xx

What HPV MIGHT lead to - it’s not inevitable. Plus how many of us really know what’s going on in our bodies? Please look at the main Jo’s Trust pages - there is lots of information about HPV and also, I believe, something about talking to your loved ones. Lots of help and information is available. The sooner you start looking at the facts and then and talking openly about things (and this is a very common virus) the sooner it will stop being this terrible ‘secret’ you cannot even mention.

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Thankyou… Your words are soothing and very helpful.
I will take your advice.xx

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Don’t let it destroy your life and happiness - you’re worth more than that. None of us know what the future holds, but what’s important is to live for today, spend time with those we love, and cope with bad things if and when they happen. If we live positively today we’ll have the strength to cope with tomorrow. X

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Thankyou your words are soothing. I have a day off work today… Try concentrate on my grandchildren… Thankyou xx

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Stay well.
And thankyou again for chatting x

Hello I have something on my mind. I have calmed now knowing what hpv is, I’m ready to tell my partner, I not sure if we should not get intimate any more, will we just keep passing virus back and forth, I realy want this to go away x

Please don’t worry about being intimate. As you’ll see on the pages, you’ve either got it or your body has thrashed it - in which case you will have antibodies and should not get it again. The important thing is to be monitored regularly, to treat any changes they are worried about, and not to let it spoil your life in any way. X

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Thankyou, I think my head telling me if it’s there and I got it, I will keep getting it… Understand now, thankyou again. Take care of yourself xxxx

Having been through the same angst I can recommend calling Jo’s helpline to vent and for support. There is also the Ask the expert service. I have now finally reached a point where I am just trying to get on with my life and accept that even doctors/medical professionals don’t know why some people get persistent hpv. I personally think my stress levels were a contributory factor to mine becoming active. I had not realised that the screening programme had switched to hpv first testing and so got the shock of my life aged 55 and had to go through a steep learning curve. I am single so don’t have the problem yet of discussing with a partner. All you can do is look after your immune system/general health and feel fortunate that the screening programme exists to prevent cancer and also get seen promptly if you develop any symptoms - inform yourself but try to keep it in perspective and get on with your life - I know it’s tough. Hope this helps A x

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