Period 4 days after LLETZ procedure

Hi. I had my 2nd LLETZ procedure on 4th April as they found they didn’t remove all of the cells during the first procedure. My period was due today and I believe I have come on but all I can see online is that your next period can be heavier but I was told it’s usually 4 weeks after the procedure. Is it normal to still have your period that was due?

Hi Karisphelan,
I had LLETZ under GA on March25th and knew a period was due any day afterward.I think my uterus was on lockdown for a few days but my period did come eventually!.It was a bit heavier but not much.I’m used to heavy periods anyway.I haven’t bled since.I have a watery discharge and for the few days after the LLETZ I had little brown bits.No extra pain.I’m waiting for the scab to fall off.People say bleeding can happen after that.I feel fine but am afraid to do exercise incase I dislodge the scab before it’s ready to fall off.

Ah seems it’s normal for a period to happen then! Wasn’t sure if it was a period or heavy bleeding but I didn’t bleed this much with the last procedure so I did wonder! I didn’t notice a ‘scab’ as such fall off last time. They told me once I’d stopped bleeding and discharge stopped too then that was what they would class as healed but to take it easy for 4 weeks :relieved:

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