LLETZ and periods

Hi all

I had a LLETZ procedure on 24 Nov, my period was due 7 days later and it came but I am still bleeding quite heavily today is day 10. Has anyone had anything similar?

Hi @LJ12

The bleeding after a LLETZ can look like a period and can get heavier, aslong as you arnt soaking a pad an hour you should be okay, its to be expected for upto 4 weeks… theres a page here that has info on what to expect after a LLETZ, the general info ablut bleeding is:

About 85 in 100 (85%) people experience bleeding after LLETZ. About 15 in 100 (15%) people do not experience bleeding. Bleeding is expected after LLETZ and can last between 2 days to up to 4 weeks.

You may have bleeding because of the soft scab that forms on the cervix where the cells were removed. This may bleed while it heals.

The bleeding is usually like a period, but may be slightly heavier than your normal period. About 10 days after treatment, the bleeding may get heavier. This is common and a sign that the scab is healing."
Its alot more likely that the extra bleeding is coming from the healing scab rather than your period

If you would like to have a read through the full page here is the link :slight_smile: -https://www.jostrust.org.uk/information/cervical-cancer/treatments/surgery/lletz xx

Thanks @Tinkerbelle29
Guess I’m not sure now if that was my period at all but it started on the day period was due. I’ll to wait to see what happens next.