Lletz and period

Hey, so I’m 4 days post lletz treatment for CIN3. I’ve felt absolutely fine up until today, I’ve started bleeding this morning but I am due on my period around now, so it’s hard to know if it’s period or lletz bleeding! Any advice on keeping an eye on this? Thanks!

Hi @Amyj94x

I had a LLETZ for CIN3 in march last year, i had after effects for upto 4 weeks afterwards… aslong as you arnt needing to change your pad every hour/multiple times an hour you should be fine, it may or may not be your period as the first period could be out of sync with your regular or heavier than your usual and the bleeding from LLETZ can look very similar to a period

The official advice on jos is:


About 85 in 100 (85%) people experience bleeding after LLETZ. About 15 in 100 (15%) people do not experience bleeding. Bleeding is expected after LLETZ and can last between 2 days to up to 4 weeks.

You may have bleeding because of the soft scab that forms on the cervix where the cells were removed. This may bleed while it heals.

The bleeding is usually like a period, but may be slightly heavier than your normal period. About 10 days after treatment, the bleeding may get heavier. This is common and a sign that the scab is healing. Your first period after treatment may be slightly heavier or out-of-sync with your regular cycle.

Important! If you are on blood thinning medication or you have a haematological condition, you must tell your colposcopist because you may have a higher risk of bleeding after LLETZ. If the bleeding is soaking through a period pad every hour, call the contact number given by your colposcopy team or call 111 out of hours. This is sometimes called delayed haemorrhaging. The hospital team or 111 will be able to advise you and make sure you get the right care." Xx

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