Pelvic Pain

Hello ladies,


I’m new here. I’ve been pretty down today and thought I’d come here and ask for thoughts.

I was diagnosed in November with cervical dysplasia and a LEEP procedure was recommended. The precancerous cells were I think between level II and III, so pretty severe. The doctor told me that the cell damage is so severe she didn’t think my cervix could heal itself without surgery (in other words she didn’t recommend a holistic approach to kill the virus causing the cells and then to hope that the cells would go away). 

I have not had the surgery (I decided to give myself a few months to try a holistic approach with the help of two doctors), but the last two days I’ve been experiencing pelvic pain (specifically in what feels like the vaginal area) and it’s scaring me. Yesterday I also experienced the pain shooting down into my upper leg as well. Can cervical cancer cause this, or precancerous cells? 

I plan to make an appointment with a doctor to see if things have gotten worse and to check for cancer. I have felt pretty down today and pretty anxious. I’m only 31 and I haven’t yet had children. It’s been a rough road emotionally the last few months thinking about all the what-if’s. Any thoughts, ladies? 


Hi USAgirl,

I'm not an expert on this, but I have read it takes many years for the cells to become cancerous from abnormal cells. Cin2 doesn't normally go away on it's own which is why they usually try to treat it. However i am sure it has happened on occasion .

I was advised that cin cells don't cause symptoms, however there are lots of women here (myself included) who do have symptoms.

Mine is also abdominal pain and sharp pains. It's best to check with the Dr to make sure and to see if it is the same or worse.

Sorry I can't be of more help.