So I had a biopsy around a month ago and have been told I have medium grade abnormal cells. They have told me they do not want to take the cells out yet because I am on 25 and could affect me later when I am pregnant. They want to monitor me and see if there are any changes.
My concern is that they will only monitor me every 6 months and this could develop into cancer during that time. Has anyone else been in this situation? I feel I need some reassurance!


Easy to say but I wouldn't worry too much. It generally takes 10 years for cell changes to develop into invasive cancer cells. I have both Adenocarcinoma in situ and high grade severely abnormal cells (CIN3) that they found in June, I had a LEEP procedure in October and the cells hadn't become cancerous in those 4 months.

I hope this helps settle your worries a bit. Cervical cancer is very very slow developing.

Thank you for replying and making me feel a little less anxious! I really appreciate it xx