Might be a silly question but……

……can cervical cancer grow inside of your cervix and go undetected. For example, could you be given results from colposcopy of CIN1 and to be seen in 6 months but have and have had lots of symptoms that just don’t add up?

I’ve had a hysteroscopy (Jan ‘22) and they removed a polyp and inserted the mirena coil (April ‘22) but after result (which, of course, I am over the moon about and so relieved!) I’ve been wondering. Especially as I’ve had a lot of pain this last week. Very low down pelvic pain. Debilitating at times.

Went to Dr for abdo examination, urine test etc today and nothing untoward or obvious so I have to book myself in for an urgent scan to check coil is ok.

Has anyone had anything similar or know about how things might be missed? I’m assuming when they do the scan they would notice anything anyway. But if they’re microscopic cells (like the ones they look for at colposcopy with the acid dye) how would they know? Unless they saw an actual tumour?

Something just doesn’t feel right. What if in 6 months time it’s gone from CIN1 to much worse and as it was already there (further inside my cervix) they missed it?

I am such a worrier. I know I’ll be having a scan soon and that will put my mind at rest but I also feel a little apprehensive and :thinking: about all I’ve gone through the last year just being down to CIN1.

If anyone has any thoughts or perhaps similar issues / concerns then I’d love to hear from you.

Hi @Rhiannon81

I remember asking myself the exact same questions when i was diagnosed with CIN1 and started displaying problems, around 6 weeks after i got my colposcopy results i started having heavy/irregular bleeding so naturally id convinced myself the biopsy results were wrong, however it did turn out that id just got in my own head and i didnt have CC lol

Although it can be found further up the cervix its extremely unlikely for biopsies to have missed anything, they also take a sample from up there and if anything of concern was there like the microscopic CIN cells it would have come back as CGIN with your results, which doesnt seem to be the case :slight_smile: its alot more likely that your abdo pain is down to the coil and possibly from the biopsies you had, pelvic cramps are quite common afterwards

Its also very unlikely for CIN1 to progress to anything more than CIN in 6 months time and alot more likely to have gone away by itself by then which is why they havnt offered any treatment for it, CC is known for its long term precancerous stages and even CIN3 generally takes years to progress to anything worse

its alot easier said than done but try not to worry yourself too much… my gynea said CIN1 is generally looked at as more of a cold/flu than a cancer precurser so maybe try and think of it that way :slight_smile: hope this helps :slight_smile: x