Pain in pelvic area?

Hey everyone :blush:
I had an abnormal smear in Oct 23 - hpv positive, severe dyskaryosis.
Then had a colposcopy in Nov 23 - lletz confirmed CIN3, inflammation, a lot of gland involvement and into the crypts. CIN3 was seen across whole specimen area, outer edge and deeper side.

They’re confident they removed all abnormal cells and that the smear in 6 months will be the test of cure. I should book in for that in May 24.

Anyway. I’ve felt run down constantly for ages now but I’ve put this down to being a teacher and working in a high pressures environment that’s full of germs :joy: but I’ve now found that I feel full after eating pretty quickly, am going to the loo more often - more urgently I guess like I cannot wait an extra 20 mins till playtime.
And on my lower right side there is a dull achy pain. It’s not constant. But when it’s there it’s noticeable. It’s sort of on pelvic bone area.

Any thoughts? It’s been niggling at me for a few months now this pain. Am I overthinking it because in the back of my mind I’m just waiting for that smear test to confirm I’m ok. Or should I go and get it looked at? Anyone else experienced similar and then it has actually turned out to be something linked to colposcopy/findings?
Am I burying my head in the sand and should just bite the bullet and get checked out?

Thanks for reading and any advice x

Don’t wait, go to the GP and tell them your symptoms, demand to be investigated.