Panicking. Has anyone had this?

Hi, my daughter had lletz 5 weeks ago after punch biopsy showed CIN 2. Had it done on a small area with local ansasthetic. They said no results pointed to cancer so far but this morning my daughter range to ask if her results were back and was told by reception that they were but they couldnt give results over the phone and she would be getting a letter in about a weeks time. Has anybody had this said to them before. im really really terrified. Any help please?xxx

Hi Sacha,

I've just posted this in reply to your other post but will copy it here incase you don't see the other one xx


Hi Sacha,

As it's been 5 weeks and they've indicated they will send the results in a letter its highly likely there is nothing to worry about. Hospitals generally don't give out results over the phone so please try not to panic.

If they have had the results, it just means they are in the process of writing them up and she will receive them in the post soon.

I know it's hard to try and not panic but it really is a good sign that it has been 5 weeks and that the are sending them by post. Generally if there is something to worry about they would call you in and this would have happened a few weeks ago (going off what I have read of other people's experiences on here).

I hope she gets her results through soon xxx

Hi, Fiona, thankyou for your reply. Im just so worried now and wonder why they just couldnt have said they are clear but you will receive a letter next week. I know im paranoid about this and it wont get any better until we have the results now. On the day they done the lletz they said it would be very unlikely she would have cancer and they would be so surprised if it turned out bad. They booked her 6 month appointment before she left the hospital so i dont think they were expecting anything bad. Its just a real worry as she hasnt had a family yet either. xxx

Hi Sacha,

I understand how worrying it can be but I honestly do think its just hospital policy not to discuss the results on the phone.

I'm sure they will be through within the next week or so if they have them at the hospital now :)

Good luck to both of you xxx

Thankyou. I will update when i know for sure. xxx

Hi Sachs

I agree with what Fiona has put.  In my experience they won't give results over the phone.  I was phoned about 10 days after my colposcopy and was told the consultant wanted to see me and I was told then that I had CC.  Wouldn't have thought your daughter would have waited this long if it was bad news.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

I had to call up for results after LLETZ because they were taking forever to come through.  They gave me the all clear over the phone (actually read the letter out to me which arrived the next day).  I think if it's ever anything serious, that you are prioritised?  I hope that's the way, so I always thought that no news is good news really.  Hope all goes well.



Letter arrived this morning. Simply said Got all abnormalities away. No further treatment. Smear test in 6 months. SO REALLY GOOD NEWS!

hi sacha

I know how you feel. My daughter had a colposcopy 4 weeks ago  with biopsy and has just got her results, it's a very worrying time. She has high grade glandular abno  rmalities   but there is no cancer and she will have to have a repeat colposcopy in 6 months, but she has had the appropriate treatment. At least I can calm down a bit now as I'm sure you will when she gets her letter. I work in a medical ward and it is generally the policy that results are not given over the phone as it could be amyone phoning up.  Hope everything works out well for your daughter.