I finished my treatment approx 3 months ago for grade 3 stage 2b cc with numerous lymth node involvement.  I am awaiting the results of mri scan.  I have been experiencing pain in lower abdo in my grion. worried that this is still cancer.  is it normal to get pain follwoing radiation xx

I finished my treatment a year d 8 mins ago.  I remember it took me 6 mons to feel no pain. yoga helps a lot. I am 2b, grade3, adenosquamous, no lymth node involved.


I too have pains sometimes. I am waiting to get my scans results back this week . I am really scared and think everything is my cancer that has came back or nerver went away. It is hard to move on. I wish all goes well with u. :-)

I feel constantly worried, Been havng bone pain in riight hip and down into my shin which is very painful.

I have also started using my dilaters do these work and do u have to use daily,  I found they irratate my vagina/cervix, is this normal

How many ladies on here have had a cure for thier cancer grade 3 stage 2b with numerous lympth nodes involved.  My tumour was big the size of an orange how can this be strunk down,  What would be the next step be if some tumour remains.  I have had so much bad luck the past year my husband left me for a women 23yrs younger then him whom works for him. I had to give up my nursing career of 33yrs due to ill health and this cancer.  so worried by bad look will continue


thanks ladies for listerning to my rant xxx

Hi Suyhart

Rant away! It's what we do here.

I've been worried most days since I finished treatment. I tell myself that worry will lessen in time. I just come here usually when I'm worried or I just talk myself out of it  

Many of us suffer post radiation effects. IVe had groin pain on and off since finishing treatment (10months). My oncologist (after examinations) has said it's just damage from radiation. Let your team know though.  

I finished treatment for stage 2b with node involvement (5cm tumour) in Nov 2016. There are many 2bers, 3bers and 4bers on here that are healthy and cancer free years later! 

Also the dilators get easier (physically) with time. Im quite diligent with using mine and I find it super easy now. 

We are all here for you!  

Rosie xx

Hi suyhart,

I get lots of boney aches in my ribs, back and hips and some pelvic pain.

I had a 8-10cm tumour that had grown in my vaginal wall from the cervix. I wasn't a candidate for brachytherapy as it was too large initially but I had a good response from radiation external and it had shrunk to. 3-4 cm prior to brachytherapy. Now waiting to see brachytherapy response. I'm Pretty apprehensive about my next scan and the future options but I can only take one day at a time.

I hate the dilators as it's painful the top half of vagina where the scar tissue is  from after brachytherapy, but it's getting easier. I haven't been able to get the size progression but it  I still helps keep some stretch and avoid adhesions. 

The best thing that has happened is that I've just had a night away from everything to be me ... Without the cancer. I went and saw a band with one of my oldest and dearest friends. We relaxed, laughed, sang and danced like morons but we had fun! My mind for the first time in a while wasn't obsessed with cancer and the future but the now. It will probably only last a night before the worry returns but it was worth it!

Take care xx

Hi suyhart,

I was advised to use the dilators at least three times a week for at least 5 minutes, but it is was ever your radiation oncologist recommends. Some recommend daily. 

Hope things are going better for you!

Take care xx


i finished my treatment in sept and have my MRI booked for 22nd nov. For the past few weeks I've been getting pin in my groin/hip/bum. It seems to get worse as the day goes on but im taking paracetamol daily. I had a urine sample done at my Drs and all came back clear. Some nights it's so painful! 

just want to feel ok again :(